Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pink Pawed Chum

This is what I woke up to this morning...

Chumley's mysterious pink paws

He was so pissed at me for trying to take a look at them but I wouldn't give up.

Pink Paw Pursuit

He actually bit me on the top of the head when I tried to get close. He even had some pink on one of his arms and a streak on his fluffy white belly. He was FURIOUS when I tried to look at that. I had to use both hands so I wasn't able to capture that face mauling on camera. I have no idea where this pink stuff came from, it's a complete mystery. He's had stuff on his paws before, usually if he gets into candy or cough drops he'll drop them into his water which will then discolor and since he drinks his water with his paws, they'll get stained. But this morning there was nothing in his water. I found some makeup on the bathroom floor that he had knocked over last night, but it was bronzer (which is terra cotta colored, not hot pink!) and a closed lip gloss along with some brushes, so that's not it either.

Quite frankly, I'm paw-zzled.


cat lady said...

Chumley! Chumley! Chumley! We love Chumley!
Could he have gotten into the garden or an indoor plant?

Anonymous said...

Does Chumley go outside at all? Maybe he killed a mouse.

Anonymous said...

that crazy cat probably got out and killed someone walking down the street