Saturday, March 01, 2008

Chumley burped

This morning Chumley let out a monster belch (for a cat), with cheeks puffed up and all. Right afterwards he looked at me like, "So? What the hell?! You do it ALL the time." He's right.

I only wish I had it on video. But I did find this gem on youtube to tie you over until Chum's next big one.

(*make sure you pay attention :24 seconds into it. It's the best part.)


KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN said...

Hey, how ya feelin' today? Any better?! Can't wait to read/hear about more details regarding Wrigs' big day!

Smileygirl said...

Oh how I've missed you my sweet friend! Glad to see you're back in Blogistan. Ok are you ready for this?? There will be a Doggy Day Spa at Wrig's party, complete with doggy massage and aromatherapy. Achilles and Milo will be pampered pooches. My sister and I worked on signs and came up with more ideas over the weekend. It is going to be the party of the year!!

ChiTown Girl said...

you two are sad, pitiful freaks!! ok, maybe that's a bit harsh...but where's the pampered HUMAN party?!?!?! it's a good thing I love you both, you freakin' weirdos!!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN said...

Tiny Friend! I miss you!

You are a GENIUS. I love the ideas!!! You truly have to find some time to channel some of your energy ino these projects...can you imagine how many other "pitiful freaks" like us out there would pay LOTS of good money to have what you're going to do for Wrigs???!!! Whoooo-hooooo!!!

Aaaaah, sweet Chitown, if you only knew the joy we get from doing these crazy things for our pups. It's purely selfish ya know. What? You thought we were doing this for the DOGS??? Ha! :-)

As for the pampered HUMAN party, well, that would require that a certain unpampered human from Chicago get her sweet patooty out here! Did you get your ticket for that weekend? We can hit the spas!

Karyn said...

Omg, that was so funny!

Elvis has never burped! Beverly on the other hand...