Monday, March 17, 2008

Is this for real?

Tom and I are watching The Bachelor and we both pissed our pants when this bachelorette came on screen...

How does one become a hot dog vendor? Does she work at a ballpark? We are baffled by this and must find out the details.

I only wish I could tape record Tom's commentary as we sit here and watch each bachelorette introduce themselves. He is making me laugh so hard.

And what is up with the girl with the chronic hiccups, the girl who eats beer cans and the bimb from Chicago who thought London was on an ocean? It appears they've chosen the best and brightest from the single American slut pool yet again.

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Merlot Chic said...

Could you believe the girl with the blue dress, the one with a nutrition degree!! Giving this man her panties!! I think the girl you are talking about was talking to him when she did it. She handled it very well. Thank goodness he let her go (blue dress chick). At the end, she said she was the total package--PLEASE. He should of given her back her undies instead of a rose in front of everyone to see!