Thursday, March 27, 2008

deep thoughts

  • If I saved every wine cork just from the last 5 years, I could soundproof 3 rooms in this house and still have enough left over to make this chair.

  • If we decide to get another dog I want to name it Bob just so I can call it Bob Barker.

  • Whenever I have a craving for a food that we don't have in the house, I eat Kraft American cheese slices and the craving is gone.  I love cheese. I'm not from Wisconsin but if I was I would be so proud to say that my home state is known for cheese.
  • I really hate when people don't return shopping carts to their proper holding stations. There should be a law against that. I would gladly enforce it next time I see a lazy ass leave their cart between cars or better yet, moved 20 centimeters away from their car but still in the lane of traffic! I think we should all be allowed one swift roundhouse kick to those ass wipes who do not return shopping carts. Next time I see someone do that I'm going to call them out. I'll say something like, "Oh excuse me, do you need me to call 911? Did your legs give out? Are you having a stroke? I'm only asking because I'm curious as to why you can't walk an extra 6 FEET to the cart return. Clearly you must be having a medical emergency." Swear to the Spirit, I'll do this next time.


Christina Shaver said...

RE the cheese, isn't California also a dairy state??

ChiTown Girl said...

You are so freakin' hilarious!!! Are you sure you could only do 3 rooms in your house? ;-) If I took all the corks from the wine I've had in the past 40 years, I'd still have 0 corks! I know, what kinda Dago am I, right?!

Why didn't you turn your video camera back on during the quake? That would have been interesting to see. Keep in mind for "The Big One," will ya?

Stephanie said...

I love cheese, too and I'm not from Wisconsin either. It's hard not to love.

And about the carts! UGHHHHHHHH. I think it's a serious OC-issue. I think people just think their time is really more precious than anyone else's and maybe that it's the cart wrangler (what's their job title?!) responsibility. I think it's plain rude and lazy! Especially when it's close to the front door like at Trader Joe's or the Ralph's by my house! There aren't any cart bays, BUT you can always park really close. But no one takes their cart back. Let me assure you that I do though.

Mary Beth said...

I get funny looks from the cart wranglers at our supermarket when I return the carts.

Also, cheese totally rocks! Except blue cheese - that just tastes nasty!

Smileygirl said...

For some reason Trader Joe's is the WORST! And I can totally see the Orange County housewives-type thinking they are "too precious to return their carts" as one of the culprits. I know I shouldn't stereotype, but if you live here and witness this kind of behavior EVERYDAY you'd understand.

By the way, I love the term "Cart Wrangler." Do you think that's what their business cards say? Or maybe they don't have business cards. I don't know.

ChiTown Girl said...

I worked in the grocery business for over ten years, and did everything from "cart wrangler," to cashier to service desk to store manager. I concur, people suck! I'm admittedly one of the LAZIEST human beings on the planet, but I've NEVER left a cart "loose" in a parking lot. If there isn't a cart corral, I walk my fat ass back to the door and push it back into the store. It's not rocket science, people! I will admit, though, that having a child makes this much less of a chore cuz you can make them do it, too ;-) See, I told you I was the laziest person in the world!!