Monday, March 03, 2008

The Big Give

Did anybody watch this last night on ABC?? WOW. LOVED it. Finally, a reality show with a purpose and positive message!! I asked Tom if he could perhaps deviate from the Golf Channel to watch this show with me. He obliged but said he wasn't thrilled about another Oprah show. I told him to just give it a try and that the reviews for this show have been extremely positive and that you can't watch it with a dry eye. Tom informed me that there would be NO WAY he would shed a tear over this show.

He held his ground until...

The mother and her two twin toddlers sent their balloon messages to Daddy in heaven. Awwww f*ck. We both just lost it. Tom didn't even fight the tear that trickled down his cheek. He just let it go and said, "You got me."

We're both totally hooked on this show. We thought all the contestants were amazing except for two. The blond crazy haired chick, she was OBNOXIOUS and seems to be a bit of a time bomb. I have a feeling she's going to have some sort of mental explosion on this show. Just you wait. And then the other person was the lady in the wheelchair. I hate to identify her by the wheelchair but oh well, it's easier than describing her physical attributes and then saying and by the way she's the one sitting down all the time. She was way too bossy and didn't give her partner much chance for input and ideas. And I know a lot of this has to do with how the show's edited and the image the producers want to portray but from the snippets shown, she seemed controlling and combative and needs to back the hell down for the next challenge(s). Without even watching next week's episode my prediction (and hope) is that one of these two gets the boot.

For those who tend to think that this show is preying on the tragedies of helpless victims or highlighting the struggles of those less fortunate for ratings, I have to disagree. There is so much good that comes out of this show for people who need the "good" in their lives (just like Extreme Home Makeover). It's more about the message it sends to everyday people watching who can then apply this to their own lives and recognize that need in others. And it's not about karma-we shouldn't think about "what's in it for us" when it comes to helping others. Why not act on instinct? You see a need, react...without expecting anything in return (other than a happy heart.)

It's a simple concept. I hope one day this world figures it out.


ChiTown Girl said...

I gotta tell ya, I was on the fence for a while now about this show. Like Tom, I was thinking, "Geez, another Oprah show!?" I can NOT stand her! (I'll hold back how I really feel about her!) But, since it was on during my Desperate Housewives timeslot, I figured 'what the heck!' I, too, enjoyed the show, more than I thought I would. I know part of that was because Oprah was not a principle player in the show. (Thank you, Jesus!) Plus, I LOVE Nate!

I definitely think they let the right person go last night. She didn't do squat. I agree with you about the other woman in the wheelchair. WAY too pushy. Perhaps she's developed that persona to compensate for her disability (?) Although, she hasn't been in that chair very long (she was in an accident, right?) so maybe she was a bossy bitch before. Now, is the blond you're talking about the one who was partnered with the one who was let go?

Like Tom, I had a hard time watching the balloon release, mostly because I couldn't see through my tears. And, EMHE is a must-see for me every Sunday, so between these two shows, I'm going to have trouble keeping the Kleenex stocked!

Smileygirl said...

I totally thought the same thing about the woman in the wheelchair (shit I know that's not PC to say! Ok is it physically challenged? I know disabled is not right, but physically challenged doesn't sound right either! UGH this is why I originally referred to her as the woman in the wheelchair!) ANYWAY, I thought the same thing about her, that maybe she needs to be more assertive when dealing with other people because she may not get the respect she, like any other human being, deserves. And she did mention how the worst thing she's had to deal with since her accident wasn't the fact that she's in a wheel chair, but the looks of pity that she gets from others. So in a sense I can understand but then when she was so quick to jump down her partner's throat about the fashion show (which I thought was HER idea in the first place!!) I started to lose respect for her.

The blond hair chick just seemed so intense from the start. And who the hell gets LOST From LA to Camp Pendleton for 7 HOURS?!?! It's a straight shot on ONE freeway. MORON! But sadly, since her partner didn't raise a dime it's only fair that she be let go. I just felt that the blond chick overpowered her and didn't work as a team player.

The balloon release was so touching and could you believe it had only been 6 weeks since he died? That was all over the news here when that happened. It was about a year ago. So tragic. I would have thought that team would have gone to all the Home Depots around here (there are a bunch between LA and San Diego they could have hit) and asked for donations. Maybe they already did something like that before though. Or maybe they could have contacted the suppliers for Home Depot for large donations. It's great that they were able to raise the money they did, but that's not gonna keep her in that house for very long.

I'm excited to see next week's show.

Anonymous said...

I was anticipating this show and really enjoyed it! I also started bawling when the balloons were released. Those guys assigned to her made a great team and I thought did a wonderful job. I was also really impressed with the pair assigned to the homeless family. I thought 3 out of the 5 pairs did excellent jobs.

Did you watch Newlyweds afterwards?

Smileygirl said...

Yes I LOVED the guys assigned to her. Amazing and just had that willingness to help. So great.

We did watch the Newlyweds and thought it was a cute concept. Ok, but did you see the pilot and his wife???? OMG! How about the part when she says, "I was going to be a heart surgeon and wasted 7 years of medical school so I could follow him around and be a flight attendant." Then she said something else I can't remember exactly how it was worded but it was improper english. Tom and I both laughed out loud and he said, "Thank GOD she won't be operating on MY heart!" Then as the show went on we started to fear for our safety in the skies. He didn't seem much sharper than his bride.

I love how the guy that was married 4 times couldn't guess his wife's kiss and then when he saw who it was that kissed him he's all excited and waves at her. That was a great moment. Did you like the show? Did you find some of the couples annoying?? OH OH WHo got voted off? I fell asleep RIGHT as the show came back from the commercial. I just remembered right now that I missed it? Was it the German guy and curly haired woman?

ChiTown Girl said...

yes, that's the couple that got voted off. did you see the part where they won the challenge and were granted immunity? as an alternative, they were offered $10,000 cash in exchange for immunity, and they took it. well, it got them voted off real quick!

the pilot and his flight attendant (self-proclaimed "Barbie and Ken!") are frightening!! First of all, they look like brother and sister. and one's dumber than the other! i watched the whole show assuming that all the other couples would be equally as annoyed with them and they'd get voted off first. oh well, maybe next week... i wish they could say what airline they work for so i can avoid it like the plague!

the older couple, that has 7 marriages between them, was a bit odd, too. and i DID notice that whole weirdness with the kissing game. i would have smacked him! i'm a little surprised that the young Indian couple wasn't voted off, since they're staying to themselves so much. i kinda feel bad for them. they are so proper, and private, and they have to sit there listening to everyone else talk about the craziest place they've ever had sex. i love that they have an arranged marriage. sheesh, that's sounding good to me right now. start arranging, woman!!

wow, sunday nights are looking up! can't wait til next week. hey are you starting your oprah class tonight?

Smileygirl said...

Yes tonight's the first online class. We'll see how it goes. I've only now finished the 3rd chapter of the book and some of it still sounds like gobbelty gook to me. We'll just have to see.

So it was that couple that got voted off. I saw that they took the $10k and thought, wouldn't most people??? Or is it if they didn't take the money that $10k would be added to the collective pot at the end. If that's the case then they were stupid to take it. Well not really stupid, but they risked the potential for a lot more money in the long run for $10k.

We need to find out which airline "Ken" works for and stay the hell away!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I think that half of these "couples" are really actors & actresses trying to get noticed with their fifteen minute. Or maybe at least one of the spouses is. I'm talking about the Newlywed show not the Big Give.

-gina from NC

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the couple that has been together for 14 years, but just recently got married. The girl was cracking me up.

John said...

Reality shows need to make their exit in my opinion, that being said, I don't view The Big Give as your typical reality show. It's much more than that. It's inspirational as well as educational to some degree. I look forward to watching shows that leave you feeling inspired rather than the typical trash tv that leaves you feeling guilty for wasting your time.

I have been a long time lurker and finally thought I'd come out of hiding and say hello. I moved back to the US (Miami) a year ago after living in Spain for 6 years and found your blog through an Enrique site. No, I'm not gay but he's very popular here and I do enjoy his music. Anyway, I have been reading ever since and will continue to do so.

John R.

Bridget said...

I watched it and started tearing up right away at the beginning...Matt on the other hand didn't watch the whole thing, but thought it was a dumb show...I told him the point was that these people had an amazing opportunity to do something great for all these people that needed help. We'll see if he tunes in again...:)