Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reality TV

Dancing With The Stars:
Why do the judges on this show freak the f*ck out after Kristi Yamaguchi performs? Umm, hello??? Do they not realize she's a world champion/olympic medalist figure skater? Dancing has got to be a walk in the park for her. She's definitely got an unfair advantage over the rest of the contestants. Carrie Ann Inaaaahhbaaahhh was in such disbelief with how well she lands every step and even asked, "Have you ever done this before?" DUH! YES SHE HAS YOU PINHEAD! Except, she wore blades and was on ice. Stupid turkeys.

And I think Monica Seles and Celine Dion were separated at birth.

Also, Marlee Matlin bugs me. It has nothing to do with her being deaf - that would be rude. There's just something about her that bugs me. Maybe it's the fact that she was in this stupid movie or maybe it's just because she bugs me.

then there's...

American Idol:
My top 3 favs
1. David Cook
2. Brooke White
3. Jason Castro

Was anyone else surprised Simon loved Kristi Lee Cook's performance tonight? That was a shocker. Tom and I both thought she sucked. And so did the Jonas Brothers. They sucked and thought Kristi Lee sucked too.

Wow. I just realized I sound like a grumpy old man. Not sure why, I'm not pmsing. Maybe I'm just overly tired. I'll stop now and save The Bachelor Bimbo tirade for another day.


ChiTown Girl said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that about Monica and Celine. It's kinda been freakin' me out, cuz I'm one of those psycho Celine fans. (and you're STILL my friend, in spite of it!! haha)

You need to cut Kristi some slack, Lady. Skating and dancing are not as similar as you think. Your feet have to be doing completely different things for each. On the ice, she's just trying to stay upright, and not fall on her ass while she's doing those moves. Plus, on the ice, you can just be "still" (or at least your feet can) and still glide across the ice. In dancing, you have to actually MOVE yourself across the floor, while trying to remember to "point your toe" or "lead with your heel" or whatever other weird things I've heard the judges say. Your feet actually have to move to dance, as opposed to staying in contact with the ice. Does that make sense? I guess it seems to me that skating takes "athletic" movements, while dancing is much more graceful and delicate. I don't know, maybe I'm just a little biased, cuz I like Kristi! I definitely think the right two were voted off so far, though. However, I always feel bad for the professional dancers who have to leave when their star gets voted off.

Please, please come back with a rant about the new Bachelor, cuz I haven't seen it yet this season. There's just something about this British bachelor that really is turning me off, and making me not want to watch.

Smileygirl said...

I adore Kristi too, it has nothing to do with that. All I was saying is that she has an unfair advantage. She's trained her whole life to perform at championship levels and is an expert at choreography, balance and stunt work which is key to winning this competition. Doesn't mean it's not challenging (since it's not exactly like skating) but she has an advantage over the rest of the contestants. It just cracked me up when Inaba asked if she's ever done this before. Anyway it's just my opinion, take it or leave it.

ChiTown Girl said...

um...hello...Bachelor scoop, please!

Stephanie said...

I think Kristy Lee Cook is AWFUUUUUL. That song was such a play on her core audience. My thought is if anyone said they hated it, they'd be blacklisted as a traitor to the US and sent off to that base in Cuba.

Castro and Cook are really great. I like Brooke, too. But I'm kind of in love with Michael Johns.

I remember hearing when a figure skater was going to be on Dancing with the Stars it seemed like she'd be the automatic winner. I haven't seen any of this season though.

Anonymous said...

David Cook is my fave too!! I actually bought "Hello" and "Billie Jean".