Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lots on my mind...

  • On Easter eve night we went to a friend's mothers house. Met some wonderful people, ate incredible food, played with an adorable dog...all the while 2 doors down, 2 people -a brother and sister- lay dead in their home. Here is the story. And, as we were leaving to get in the car Tom commented on the dog's incessant barking coming from that house. It's eerie.
  • Easter Sunday- Tom and I say every year we will not exchange Easter baskets and every year we both get baskets. Most of the time it's fluffy stuff like Peeps and Chocolate and easter themed nonsense. He left for golf at 5am and hid my basket behind the door in the bathroom. Well I went to the bathroom but didn't close the door so I didn't see it. On his way home from golf he calls me. Since I don't know or say anything about the basket he's confused so he asks me if I need any more Peeps (there were several boxes of peeps in my basket). I tell him that I'm good on Peeps but thanks for the concern. He asks if I went to the bathroom today. I say of course and then he says ok then I'll see you when I'm home. I set up his basket on the kitchen table and I'm assuming that this year he really stuck to his word and did not get me a basket. He then tells me to look BEHIND the bathroom door. It was really sweet. My basket contained: Peeps, jelly beans, a giant chocolate bunny, a zippo candle lighter (cuz I'm always burning my fingers with matches) a garden ho, and a bunch of seeds to plant for the garden: carrots, green beans, broccoli, corn and sunflower. And he also got me a frisbee. His basket contained a Car wash sponge and brush. 
  • We then had a wonderful brunch with family and dear friends (who are our family here) at Tom's golf course. It was beautiful, again more food, sweets, champagne, bloody Mary's, the whole shibang. Then back to our place for an Easter Orange Hunt (we can't use those little eggs in case Wrig's swallows one.) The Easter Orange Hunt was a big hit and prizes were awarded for finding the smallest orange. Then a few rounds of music trivia/charades. It's a new spin on our existing music trivia. If you can't guess the song someone has to act out either the title of the song or the singer. It's a lot of fun, especially after a few more glasses of Champagne.
  • One of my very dear friends is moving out of the country. He's going to travel the world for a while, then eventually find another country to settle into. No he's not in the witness protection program. We're having his farewell party at our house on Friday and it will be sad. Oh and if anyone reading this knows who I'm talking about and would like to attend, it's at 7pm! 
  • What else...Oh - Our Roomba is officially dead. We had it for a whopping 3 months. The last few times it was Roomba-ing I didn't realize it wasn't picking anything up. Tom finally de-gutted it and discovered that one of the gears had completely burned and melted into the motor system so none of the gears were turning. He wrote into the Roomba website and told them about this and they are supposed to send us entirely new innards. Tom is basically going to have to rebuild the Roomba and he's already way too excited about this. He keeps checking for a package at the front door and says, "Is it here yet?" 
  • I'm heating up a turkey meatloaf from Trader Joe's for dinner tonight and it's not so fabulous. However, Trader Joe's makes this cereal called Honey Macadamia Grainfest (love that name) and it is fabulous. I'll have a bowl of that for dinner instead and Tom can try to stomach the loaf. I heated up some marinara sauce to drizzle over the meatloaf since it was a bit dry but I left some chunky stewed tomatoes on my plate and Chumley jumped on the counter and ate every last one. It looked like he was eating bloody flesh. Next time I'll take video and dub in some horror music. After he ate the last tomato he ran upstairs. Wrigley chased him into my closet where Chum now sits atop a basket of handmade shawls. Chum's now dry heaving so soon I'm sure my shawls will be covered in tomato chunks. Great.
  • I've been consulting for a start up tech firm which is going great and I'm also interviewing for another consulting gig on Thursday for an International Tourism company. What's even better is both companies are small and flexible and of course there's opportunity for travel. I feel the timing couldn't be better and I also feel very blessed to be given these opportunities in light of our suffering economy. 
  • I've been having dreams about earthquakes - like, incredibly devastating, earth-opens-up and-swallows-you-whole-type earthquakes. It's scary when I'm  dreaming it so I can only imagine what it would be like to live it. I've also had dreams/visions of another terrorist attack here in the United States, way worse than 9/11. I don't even want to share what happens in these "visions" because it's so disturbing and it's something that would be so easy for anyone (not just terrorists) to pull off and it would impact the security of our country indefinitely. I need to think about something else.
  • Lemon Pez candy tastes like Lemon Pledge. Don't waste your money on them. And Blue Peeps stain your teeth and tongue and make your smile look like this.
  • Tom came home and is enjoying the meatloaf. Yuck! But only after Chumley licked off the entire top layer of sauce. Double Yuck!

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Stephanie said...

The brother and sister in Tustin thing is crazy! I live in Irvine, so I'm not far from there, or you, I guess. Lots of crazy things seem to be happening around Orange County lately... like the guy who tried to rob the jewelry store in Mission Viejo, and then got shot by the deputies. I guess that stuff happens everywhere, but it weirds me out when it's so close.