Monday, May 28, 2007

Interested in a Gay Cruise?

For those of you who know my cat Chumley (and his bear) you will find this very amusing. I am beginning to think this cruise was created in honor of Chumley and his bear!

Here is the human "Chumley" who I'm assuming is the one who puts this whole shin dig together. I'm tempted to write to him about my Chumley and his bear and see if he'd like to hire him out as the ship's mascot.

For anyone interested in taking a Chumley's Bear Gay cruise, I've included the link below. Sorry ladies, it appears to be for men (and gay cats) only.

  • Chumley's Bear Cruises


    Anonymous said...

    si - mz. laura. I have to tell you know I will be going on this cruise so no fix your yard next week.

    I get drunk and silly on this Chumley cruise. So thank you for the info - no fix yard - hope you don't get upset mz. laura. please please please - no upset!

    Smileygirl said...

    Well, Hello there Pablo.

    Anonymous said...

    OHH - how did you know it was me mz. laura? Hope you not upset.

    Me Pablo get drunk and silly on cruise ship next week....

    Have good day mz laura! Maybe you can dig hole in yard and I will finish when I return. Hopefully no hang over. Hopefully! please please