Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thank God for modern technology

Want to know how I take my thirteen year old psycho attack cat to the vet?

Digitally. I take pictures of his ailments and then bring them in to show the doctor.

Even the pictures are a challenge to capture. Chumley never sits still!

Poor little guy is losing chunks of fur on his ears. I've read online that it could be a sign of old age, ear mites, or worse yet, a serious feline disease. We'll see what the doc can determine from the photos. I hope it's nothing serious.

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Anonymous said...

Porkchop has the same type of ears. I think it is old age. PC had every test available and they only found she had high blood pressure and is extremly old - 20 years old.

My vet yells at me all the time when I come in crying. And I am thinking "this is the day - I am not ready for this"

He is this short old large man and he will tell me "Damn stop crying -this darn cat is older than I am and cuter....She will probably will live to be at least 25 years old - And lives a life of leisure -so stop your nonsense"

So I would not worry - just going a little bald due to age. We will all go thru it at some point.

Imagine Gary BOLD - WOW.....