Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wrigley The Destroyer

Why is it that all of Wrigley's toys are now just mere carcasses of what they used to be? I'm done spending gobs of money on those cute little stuffed animals just so they can be slaughtered and degutted in all of 3 minutes (most recently, the baby chick in denim overalls or the pig sportin' watermelon pajamas). I usually perform a sturdiness test before I buy to see if the toy can hold up to Wrigs incessant gnawing and tugging. I was strolling the Petco aisles and saw these adorable stuffed toys in all sorts of different dog breeds. The Pug was the cutest of the bunch and since we used to have a Pug I thought I'd get one for Wrigs to play with. But not before I test it's durability! I grab a hold of the head and yank as hard as I can and the damn thing rips right off. I sort of wedged the body into the opening of the head and placed the decapitated Pug back into the basket with the others. I sure hope no one else saw me because I know I looked like a complete psycho. And I felt bad about putting it back but with a $9 price tag I'll search for something with a bit more staying power. Like a spare tire. It'll be a while before I head back to that store.

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