Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Artichokes and Q-tips?

Someone did a search on google looking for artichokes and q-tips which led them to my blog...

For the life of me I cannot find any entry where I would have posted a story about artichokes and q-tips. But if I did, I apologize. I need to stop blogging about nonsense at 2am when I'm sleep deprived. I'll take that advice right now and watch a rerun of The Naked Archaeologist on the History channel.

Nite Nite!


Anonymous said...

When is the concert report coming/

Smileygirl said...

Soon I promise! I am just off on all these random tangents today, I apologize!! There's not much to post on the actual concert other than that it was FANTASTIC (as usual) but I will do a quick write up on our meeting in his dressing room right before he went on stage. =)

Peter said...

Wait 'til you get the real kinky stuff. From my search stats, my fav's:

Glass Dill Do (A misspelling, I guess.)

Catwoman wrapped in cling film

Green tea puts lead in your pencil

None of these are topics I've blogged on, but that didn't stop me from getting these weird visits.