Monday, May 21, 2007

OMG I am now yelling at the TV!!!

(and yes, I still have a blazing headache)

I'm watching the season finale of The Bachelor and I seriously think these idiot women must be on some hard-core mind altering drugs. This has GOT to be the Nerdiest bachelor ever! He's always so stiff and awkward and seems to lack basic social/conversation skills. And why does he always sound like he's reading off of a script? He almost seems programmed, like a robot. And then when he talks in that high pitched sing song voice? OMG, I literally have to stop myself from throwing whatever is in reach straight through the tv. (Chumley jumped off my lap just in time.) What is wrong with these desperate women?!? Seriously, the high school drop-out turned sandwich artist at our local Subway has more charm in his left pinky than "Lt. Andy."

"I promise to bore you with my cardboard personality and corny jokes as long as we both shall live. H-he H-he H-he. Will you marry me?"

He reminds me of a cross between Flat Stanley and Guy Smiley. Completely one-dimensional and his eye brows are always in that perplexed position...

To his future wife: Stock up on the booze now sweetheart. You're going to need it!!!

As a side note, his grandparents were very entertaining. I particularly liked when his Grandpa was talking to him about being "turned-on" and how he needs to "think long and hard" about what will be important to him in the future. Classic.

Alright, now my head is throbbing. Time to shut down and finish watching the rest of Corn Fest 2007.

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Lauren K said...

Flat Stanley? There's something I have not heard of in 30+ years!