Thursday, May 31, 2007

Desperate Housecats update

I heard back from the producer of the cat show and as it turns out for the time being this show is "on hold". There have been some unforeseen circumstances that have momentarily stopped production of this show. He is going to keep me abreast of the situation(s) as things progress but he did say that the show is not shelved, and not to give up hope, yet. We'll just have to keep our fingers (and paws) crossed. One thing's for certain in the wonderful world of TV...nothing is for certain.

In the meantime, I'll share this pic of Chumley underneath our bedroom shower curtain. Every morning as Tom and I make the bed Chum jumps up just as we are putting on the final layer (the vinyl curtain) and likes to burrow himself and hide. I think he thinks that we can't see him. For those of you not familiar with why we have a shower curtain on the bed, we have a cat that likes to pee on our beds. Really, it's not because we, ourselves have overactive bladders or enjoy the high from the noxious fumes that emit from this heavy plastic tarp. We do it to save ourselves another trip to the mattress store. We've been married 9 years and we're on our 3rd mattress. I guess that's not so bad, a new mattress every 3 years. But since we've come up with the genius idea of covering our beds in shower curtains, we shouldn't have to buy a new one for quite a while.

I've even tried to beautify the plastic sheath as best I could...matching it to the room decor,

and tying pretty color coordinated bows to each piece.

For our bedroom, I opted for a more opaque curtain with see through cirlces. The other day I got some new pillows and pillow cases and as Tom and I were making the bed it looked so pretty and spring like. I said to Tom, "I love our new pillows and cases. It reminds me of an old fashioned room in a quaint bed and breakfast." And as he finished covering up the bed in plastic he replied, "Yeah, after a murder." I think he's been watching too much CSI.


Christina Shaver said...

Girlfriend, are you kidding? Love the bows.

Smileygirl said...

This is just one of the many concessions we've had to make in order to coexist with this beast. Could you even imagine throwing Chumley into your lives right now?? I seriously think that would send you over the edge. Although I bet Chum and Evan would become pals after a while. I'll have to email you some more "Kitty Cat" photos for him.