Thursday, May 03, 2007

Anyone want a Chumley?

I found this guy on an animal rescue site in Berkeley, Ca. I wonder if we should drive up and adopt him! Can you even imagine...2 Chumleys? Although the personality on this cat sounds nothing like my Chumley. Here's a description on the website about him:

Age: 4 years
Sex: Male Neutered
Breed: Brown-White Tabby, Domestic Shorthair
He looks to be part Siamese with his light blue eyes and wedged shaped face. Chumley has an unusually handsome face. He is sweet and affectionate and likes human attention. He's very friendly, and mellow. He also likes to play.
Special Needs: Chumley is diabetic so he needs special diet and meds.


I couldn't even imagine what the write up for our Chumley would be like. He would have a hard time finding a home if he was in a shelter. Just for kicks, I'll write one up and see if this sparks any interest:

Age: 12 crotchety old man years
Sex: Partially Neutered Male
Breed: Gray Tabby, Non Domestic, Feral beast
He looks sweet from afar but once you lock eyes with him he may just kill you. This frisky boy can still jump from floor to head level with rage and force. He loves to latch onto ankles and sink his sharp fangs into any exposed flesh. He can also swat with both paws leaving bruises on bare skin. He enjoys urinating on down comforters and soft pillows and takes pleasure in knocking every single object off of dressers and shelves. He absolutely despises all human beings and animals so if this sounds like the cat for you, contact us! PLEASE!
Special Needs: Chumley is a certified sex addict so he needs 24 hour access to his smelly teddy bear for romps, preferably with an audience.

Any takers???


Anonymous said...

You are a saint. Tom is a saint. Hell, WRIGLEY is a saint for putting up with this cat. Wouldn't be me.

Anonymous said...

You know I love this Dear liitle guy. I'm afraid he is neglected, and niw with Wrigley in the picture (who also is a Dear big guy)he misses out even more.

Anonymous said...

I'll take him... What's another cat in our family - anyway PC may look sweet and dear but I have a feeling she will put Chumley in his place. And BC would just adore him... hissing and all.

Smileygirl said...

Chumley would love to live in your house. He'd be so spoiled with your 3am feedings, bottled water and lavender scented pillows.