Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Re-cap

I picked up Rebecca Friday morning and headed downtown. It was almost 60 degrees and sunny so we actually sat outside for some hot mexican soup and delicious Sangria. We tooled around Pike's and danced on the street corner to our cell phone ring tones - hers and mine (if you go to you can download EVERY POSSIBLE ring tone on the planet, for free). Great thing about Seattle - dancing like a complete jack ass on the street corner does not illicit strange looks or stares from fellow passer-bys. We made a few stops into some or our fav places and then enjoyed milk chocolate sea salt caramels, champagne and then Rebecca got her hair did. (Love that expression).

One of Tom's best buddies was also in town for a job interview and may be moving here! We don't want to get our hopes up yet, but would be sooooo excited if this actually happens. He was staying in the 'burbs so Tom met him out for dinner and Rebecca and I walked into town for succulent sushi. We ate so much, coupled with several glasses of wine, that once we got home we retired to the bedroom floor wrapped up in Snuggies.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at a cute little house converted cafe, then spent the rest of the cold, dark, rainy day at home, wrapped in Snuggies on the couch. We watched some guilty pleasure tv - The Girls of Hedsor Hall, Man Vs. Food, before falling asleep to some Lifetime Movie. Still have to find out how that damn thing ended.

We spent Saturday night in as well, wrapped up in our Snuggies, and enjoyed some wine and S'mores by the fire. Then we decided "We must dance!" So we put on the music channels and danced around the house with Wrigs. Surprisingly, Tom did not partake in any dancing and went up to bed. We danced and danced then it was time for Snuggie self portraits.

Wrig's fat ass got in the way of this one...

For some reason, when you put the Snuggie over your head it makes you bow and pray.

Rebecca got her FIRST Chumley bite this weekend. It's really amazing when you think about it because she's been around this cat for the duration of his life and though he's chased, slapped and hissed at her, he had never bit her until now. In Chum's defense she was standing in the "No leg zone" which is the area between the dining room table and kitchen stools (Karen knows it well) so really she was asking for trouble. BUT, Sunday morning as she was getting ready to leave Chum meowed outside her bathroom door and she opened it up (she is brave) and he waltzed in and licked her hand. She was even able to pet him for a bit too. Then of course his tough guy image kicked in so he hissed at her and took off.

Oh we also celebrated Wrig's birthday. He had peanut butter carob cake:

that he couldn't wait to eat...

And Chum enjoyed some too...

It was a fabulous weekend and today while driving Beck to the airport, it was snowing. The snowflakes were so big, they looked like saltine crackers falling from the sky. It was also very windy and when we got back home we lost power. Poor Chum was so cold because he didn't have the warmth of his heated bed. It's back on now, hopefully for good. Have an interesting week ahead so am trying my best to relax and quiet my mind for the rest of the evening.



Busy Bee Suz said...

too funny. You look like you are both in some sort of cult with the snuggies on like that. Scary, but cute.
Glad Wrigs had a nice bday.
I love the "no leg" zone. That cat is something....
take care,

lizziebelle said...


Gina said...

looks like a superfun weekend!
:) i like the snuggie pics hehe

karengberger said...

These pics are great! Love the one with Wrigley's tongue hanging out. You & Tom are such proud parents...the smiles on your faces are so full of delight.

Okay, the "no leg zone"...I will respect that in the future. I can't watch any more "ellen" the laptop, at least in that spot!

So glad that you had fun with your friends who were able to visit! Did you see the news footage of the waves off of Alki Pt.? Aieee! A tree fell across our road, and we no one could get out for a while. It's cleaned up now, but it WAS a crazy-weather day. Loved those huge snowflakes.

Have a great week. God bless you!

ChiTown Girl said...

Sounds like your weekend was a blast. Love the Snuggie pictures.

Did you ever click over to see what the post was where I refered to Chum?

Rebekah said...

I'm not sure if I've recommended this to you before, but you MUST go to Bottega Italiana for gelato the next time you are at Pike's Market. It is right around the corner across from the Showbox. It is OMG Good!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

You are so darn funny. I laughed through this whole post.
I LOVE the picture of Wrigs with his cake - so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Allah be praised!

:-D :-D :-D

And I LOVE your new banner on the top of your blog. That flower with teeth is awesome!


karengberger said...

Great new daisy picture! You are so creative.


Thank you so much for the comment and for entering the giveaway. I have a new product that I will be launching(Ribbon Flip Flops) that to me seems to fit you perfectly and I will be having them as a free giveaway as well real soon. :O)


BTW: I love your new Header Pic.