Thursday, March 26, 2009

finding that happy place

Wrigley is crouched down in the attack position (Crouching Wrigley, Hissing Chumley - sorry couldn't resist) in the laundry room hovering over the "heat" vent growling. This can only mean one of 2 things:

1) a bird has gotten sucked into the furnace again and is fluttering about in our air ducts


2) for the love of God the heat may actually be working for once and he's completely dumbfounded by the warm air blowing out the vent.

Ok I just felt the vent. It's not warm. It's either a bird, a tarantula or this guy.

Tom and I just finished some delectable Pad Khee Mao from Thai Ginger and we paired it with this wine and it was yummy. I had quite a rant earlier today which perhaps I will touch on at some point but for now I am cleansing my palette and head by sipping some wine in a big fluffy robe listening to Wrig's growl at the vent as Chumley's nasty broccoli dump starts filling the air around me. Ahhhh sanctitude...

I've been having some strange dreams involving homeless people and personal attacks. Hmm, wonder why??? Hold that thought (which relates to my rant) but for now let me tell you last night's dream...

I was walking across a bridge with giant slats. I was holding my cell phone with 2 hands because I was soooo afraid it would drop and fall through the slats into the water below (there were also trains running on top of the water, but didn't appear to be any tracks). A homeless man was sleeping on one of the slats, teetering off the edge, about to fall over. As I approached he woke up and stumbled towards me. I told him to be careful because he's going to fall through the slats. He told me that he had something for me. I balanced on a slat and took a step and he said, "closer", I took another step, "closer" he said again. Another step and we were practically standing on the same little piece of wood and then he reached into his pocket (warning this is gross) and pulled out a handful of runny poo and smeared it across my mouth. I started spitting and spewing but still made sure I did not let go of my cell phone (someone mentioned in another dream analysis that my phone is my link to friends and family, totally makes sense) and the homeless man laughed and laughed. I tried to run but I couldn't because it was so hard to balance on the slats and the homeless man was alongside me still laughing like a maniac. Then he grabbed my cell phone and threw it as far as he could. I watched as the phone bounced on each slat, buttons popping off, flying into the air, but finally landed at the end of the bridge and didn't fall through to the water. I carefully made my way over to it and slowly reached for it and just as I was about to grab it a train went whizzing by causing the phone to skid off the bridge into the water.

Could this have anything to do with the fact that the house we have been in the process of buying for 5 MONTHS comes with its very own homeless person??? And the house has been broken into at least one time, and EVERY toilet has been, how do I put this...DISGUSTINGLY VIOLATED??? We actually spent New Year's Eve pouring gallons of water into the toilets (as the water has been shut off) trying to flush out other people's sh*ts. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I won't even get into the multiple liens that are attached to this house as well as the dangerous hill side it butts up against and Oh the fact that this location is the ONE area I specifically RULED OUT for a multitude of reasons when I came to Seattle back in July to look for housing.

Hence my earlier rant.

So tomorrow is the home inspection or should I say Phase 1 of the home inspection. You see, the previous owners didn't quite understand the concept of paying bills so we had to pay their past due water bill of $1265 + an additional water bill from a renter before them of $880, so basically that's $2100 we are paying upfront just to get the water turned on as the meter was removed, to have this home inspected. But the water won't be turned on until Saturday so the inspector is doing a half ass inspection without water tomorrow, then will return Saturday to inspect the plumbing and pipes with, thanks to Tom's credit card, working water. There are still over $13,000 worth of unsettled liens that we are fighting about with the many banks involved in this nightmare process. That number has been brought down from over $120,000 when we first started this home purchase from hell.

Ok I need to end this now and try and find that happy place yet again.

I may need my friend Gin to come back.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I was wondering what was going on with your ghost......
Really, do you think this house purchase is good for you guys? Seems like a lot of negativity with it.....It must be a gem.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Crouching Wrigley, Hissing Chumley.

I just love it. Love it.

I'll go for the tarantula. :-D

$2100 for water??? Jeeeeeesus!!!

As for your dream, you describe it so vividly! I'm totally fascinated by dreams. They are metaphors of our real lives. Have you wondered about the bridge? Here's what I think (remember, that's only what I think, it might well be completely wrong):

That bridge in your dream means a passage to another world. You've left one place and you're now on your way to another place, a new life. That's why you're still in the bridge. You're still crossing it. You’re still not settled down. You still can go back. Otherwise, you'd be on the other side already, completely settled and safe.

The slats on the bridge mean uncertainty about your move. Insecurity, fears about what you’re doing. Are you doing the right thing?

The homeless guy teetering off the edge and about to fall over simply means the guy doesn’t have a clue about what he’s doing and also that he doesn't care.

The cell phone is the only familiar thing you bring along with you. It represents everything you hold dear in life. It represents certainty. The world you know. Friends and family, all at a distance of a click, anytime of the day, any day of the week, no matter where you are in the world. It's also something very small and frail, so you need to protect it very carefully.

I think that the homeless guy throwing away your cell means that sometimes, you just don’t have control over other people’s lives and actions and that what other people do have sometimes consequences on your life, and it can be frightening for things you care so much about, like your cell phone, which represents your connection to life. And what is life if not family, friends and pets?

The water. The water is an enormous obstacle. It's a difficult thing to overcome. But you have to cross it. Through that bridge. A bridge that is not complete, that is dangerous to walk on. In my opinion, it represents the difficulty of changing lives. Specially when you have to deal with smelly homeless people in the process.

The trains, I think, mean that the world continues to revolve around itself, that life goes on, with or without you, undisturbed by whatever little things you do. The trains come and go when they have to, and being the cause of your cell phone falling into the water means nothing to them.

Was the water close to you? And the trains, were they passing close to you too? If yes, then you very much aware of what’s going on around you. If they are far, it means you’re not so much in contact with the outside world and you’re not so much aware of what’s going on around you. The fartest they are, the more detached you are from the real world. It could mean, for example, that you’re a recluse or an hermit. Which doesn’t appear to be the case.

That’s my analysis of your dream. I hope it makes sense. Of course, I could be wrong. I’ll send the bill to your address, anyway. :-)


Smileygirl said...

Holy Crap Claudia! What do I owe you for that analysis??? All I can say is that your assessment...SPOT ON!

Do you do this as a hobby? I'm very impressed at your interpretation. As for the trains and water, they appeared far away when I was on the bridge but the one that came whizzing by when I went to get my cell phone was so close that it almost hit me. So in answer to your question they were both near and far, but the water was far. It would not surprise me if I am slowly losing touch with reality, just a little bit day by day...

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

OK, here's my opinion. Feel free to totally ignore it, but I'm going to lay it out there.

We're in the worst housing market in decades (from a seller's perspective) - there are DEALS out there. PLENTY of them. There is absolutely NO reason to accept this nightmare of a house, and enter into this (unless you're past the point of no return, from a legal perspective). This house has a HUGE BLACK CLOUD over it. You guys already had a lot of negativity surrounding your move to Seattle. This is simply compounding that feeling. I really feel that you need to find a house that you are both excited about(at a MINIMUM)... and, preferably... ECSTATIC about!!

That's just how I feel.
Granted, I haven't seen the house, and don't know all the particulars, but if it were Ron and I, that's how I would feel. Your home is your "safe haven"... it's important that it be what you want.

(Stepping off the soap box now.)

Anonymous said...

Totally off subject, but I'm watching "The Notebook" for the first time and I keep thinking Rachel McAdams looks like...someone. Who? Where in the catagories of my life is this person who looks like Rachel McAdams? You! Someone HAS to have told you y'all look alike right?

Just a thought...


Anonymous said...

BTW, Gin will come to your house AFTER she's been to mine.

She's been a frequent visitor lately.


Smileygirl said...

Solus, hear that A lot, yes. Funny you saw it too and you recognized the resemblance solely from photographs!

HWHL: think it's a done deal with the house - supposed to close on Monday. We need to roll up the sleeping bags and board up the area where our homeless dweller lived. He was actually able to get into the house via an outside crawl space that had a pass through into the house. That is the FIRST thing we are taking care of before we move in.

Smileygirl said...

Oh by the way... GIN just arrived!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I’m glad I got it right! :-)

Yes, it’s a hobby. I do that with my sisters, sometimes. I love doing it. They call me The Dream Interpreter.

I’m kidding, they call me no such thing.

I’m very fascinated by dreams. Dreams are methaphors of our lives, but it‘s not so obvious. If it was, everyone would be doing it, I think. Not everyone believe that what we dream is intimaly connected to what we live.

I need to know a little bit about a person to be able to tell him/her what his/her dream means. I don’t always get it right, though. A dream can have many different meanings. In your case, you say a lot about yourself and your life in your blog. You keep it updated with what’s going on with Wrigs and Chums in a daily basis (and I love it!). That alone tells me a lot about you. So that dream was not really surprising. You could dream something different (a rocky pathway between mountains, for example, instead of a bridge) and the meaning would be the same.

I don’t thing that you’re losing touch with reality. I thinks it’s more about being so concentrated in solving your most important problems of the moment, like your house, that for now, what’s going on in the world is of little importance for you. It doesn’t mean that life won’t find its way to you. Like that train that almost hit you.

You have anymore dreams you’d like me to analise? :-)


lizziebelle said...

losing my cell phone or camera in water is a reoccuring theme for me too.

we are twins except you fit in my leg.