Thursday, March 26, 2009


On the phone with Tom...

He says, "I got a new cell phone today."

me: "You did?"

him: "Yeah."

me: "Cool. I'm washing my ski jacket now. It's really dirty."

him: "I'll get a cover for it this time. Won't get so banged up."

me: "How does that work?"

him: "I'll just get some sort of plastic cover to go over the front."

me: "Didn't realize they had such a thing, but whatever."

him: "It has GPS built in too."

me: "What?? That's ridiculous!"

him: "Why? I'll totally use it."

me: "Why the HECK would you need a GPS in a ski jacket???"

Miscommunication. It happens a LOT around here.


Bon Don said...

LOL... Oopsy!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it can happen a lot. :-)