Wednesday, March 25, 2009

naughty and mean

This is the face of a guilty Chum who was caught eating pork tenderloin straight out of the pan while cooling (AND COVERED IN FOIL)! He managed to sneak inside the foil and lick lick lick away. He is now Naughty McPhee. His favorite food is pork. Just look at that guilty mug.

And this is the face of a mean Wrigs who snarls and snorts when I ask him to please kindly move off my side of the bed. He doesn't quite know what to do while making this face - he doesn't bite, he just raises his top lip and blows air out of his nose. He looks ridiculous when he does this and it makes me laugh. (and yes, HWHL, I definitely see the Joan Rivers resemblance in this pic)

I have a new nickname for's Trail Blazer. Today when I let him out to pee he climbed the steep hillside and bolted through the brush to chase after what he thought was a squirrel but it wasn't - it was some sort of pine cone that fell from the tree. I've never seen this dog scurry up the hill like that before. He looked like one of those billy goats that can stand erect on the 90 degree slope of a mountain. (although that guy in the pic looks more like a horse with a pin head but I don't think that's possible).


Kim said...

Hey Laura,
Knowing that your a bird lover and all I wanted you to see this video !! It is too cute and will put a smile on your face (and Chum's) !!! Have a great day :) The website is


Smileygirl said...

Kim this is sooo funny! The head bobs and neck twists are a crack up! I am going to watch it again. I love how every animal has his/her own unique animality! (similar to a personality for humans)
Thank you for sharing with me.

Kim said...

Oh hey, I just thought about it !!! Maybe Chums would like to take Frostie along with him to NYC? I think they would be a hit on Broadway :)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain...I cannot keep my cat Punkyn away from ham. He LOVES ham! He would run me over with a car for ham. I thought he was crazy, turns out the vet just thinks it's a "personality disorder"...glad to see I am not alone (-:

Gina said...

hehe kooky animals!!

karengberger said...

I remember Wrigs making that funny face the last time I saw him. He is such a sweetheart, even when he's trying to be a tough guy. Chumley looks so wide-eyed, like that Puss in Boots in Shrek (Antonio Banderas). Remember him? Those huge eyes remind me of him. Super cute, but dangerous!

rkbelle said...

I have a Golden Retriever as well and though he frightens some when he does that "I mean business look" he is completely harmless (and hilarious). I have been a reader for awhile and I love your blog! Your animals are just too cute!