Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fresh Wave

I do contract work for a company called Fresh Wave, based out of Barrington, IL. They manufacture all natural odor neutralizing products for every aspect of your life: home, office, school, gym, car, boat, pets, the list is endless. The products are chemical free as well as environmentally safe and eliminate odors at the source by breaking apart the odor molecules rather than just masking them with another fragrance. And the best part is, they work. These products are a God send in this house, especially when you live with a cat that doesn't always like to use the litter box. He prefers a softer toilet (who wouldn't?) like beds or couch pillows and as a result sometimes our home doesn't always smell so...well, you know, Fresh! But now, we have at least one form of a Fresh Wave product in every room of our house to keep those odors away. And I'm ever so grateful they recently added a laundry and cleaning additive to the mix that eliminates the toughest odors (say for example, cat pee) even after one wash cycle. This has saved us a ton of money on sheets and pillow cases.

With the fires last week (which are still burning in the canyons in Orange County) the smell of smoke and ash was unavoidable no matter where you went. Anytime we'd let Wrigley out the smell would waft in through the door so our house ended up smelling like the inside of a smoldering chimney. I put some Fresh Wave gels out and would use the spray so much that I got a sore trigger finger from pumping on that thing so many times a day! I didn't want to light any candles because God forbid those catch on fire, there are no fire trucks in our vicinity since close to 2000 firefighters are still in the canyon! So I did what I could to keep the smoke smell at bay but inevitably, as soon as the door would open to the outside, the smell would permeate into the house. Not only that, Wrigley would come back smelling like a bar fly, even if he was out for a minute. He got "Fresh-Waved" on a daily basis and he didn't seem to mind. I tried to spray Chum but that didn't go over very well. Any chance Fresh Wave will ever make band-aids? Just a thought.

So yesterday I got a box in the mail from my friends at Fresh Wave filled with more wonderful products. I really appreciate them thinking of me and taking the time to ship off my box of goodies. Thanks so much. You guys are awesome.

If anyone here is affected by the smoke smell I strongly recommend these products. You can find them at Whole Foods, Ace Hardware, Wild Birds Unlimited and many other retailers close by. Check their website above for a store nearest you.

Wrigley says, "Thanks Fresh Wave! I smell good! And friends, check out the Stinky Pet line. You can smell good too!"


Bridget said...

We could use some of this in our house! I have those little glade cones everywhere...haha!

Stephanie said...

I'm in Irvine, and I'm so sick of everything including my apartment, and my dog, smelling like the bottom of a skanky ash tray. I'll have to stop by Whole Foods this weekend! Thanks for the tip!

Smileygirl said...

The spray is safe to spray directly on your dog too. I use it on Wrigley and brush him between baths and it really helps. Our house is finally starting to smell better but it still smells smoky in the mornings outside. Ace and Crown hardware stores in Irvine also carry the line and Mother's Market too! You'll love it. =)

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