Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloweek!

Yes I know it says HalloweeK and not HalloweeN. That's because I've decided this is Halloween-Week! So each day I'll post something related to Halloween, be it a recipe, a spooky story or a scary movie recommendation. Ok maybe I won't do this the whole week, just until Wednesday. So for today I'll just post this pic of Tom and I from a Halloween bash on Saturday night. We went as Warriors (who consumed one too many cocktails out of cute little pumpkin cups)

And here's a pic of our battle swords that we stuck in our front yard upon returning home from the party around 3:30am. And yes, they are still there and it's now Monday afternoon. My sword is off to the top left. Can you see it? (It's not as big as Tom's of course.)

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