Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pumpkin Day

Tom suggested we get pumpkins today so off we went, Wrigs included, to a local pumpkin farm. It was something I didn't even know existed here in Southern Cal. Tom knew of this place because it butts up against a golf course he's played before so I guess some good comes out of his playing every course within a 150 mile radius. The farm was adorable, and if it wasn't for the mountains in the background and no snow on the ground, I would have thought that we time warped ourselves back into Minnesota. (side note: the year we lived there we awoke to a snow covered world on October 6th, 2002. I cried everyday til March)

Here are some pics from Pumpkin Patch day. Unfortunately, no pets were allowed and Tom didn't want to pretend that Wrigs was my seeing eye dog for the day so poor Wrigs had to wait in the car. =(

"Let's get some Pumpkins!!"

"I like this one. It matches my shirt. Tom, you find one to match your shirt!"

"This is really stupid."

Then Tom tossed a small white pumpkin to me (not sure why, he just called my name and as I looked up it was heading right towards my face) so I jumped back because I was afraid of getting stabbed in the eye by the stem. People were watching us and I think they thought we were there to pumpkin bash. So we tossed our 'kins into the wheel barrow and headed to the check out line.

And there sits our loyal companion patiently waiting for his pumpkin bashing family to return.

He pretended for a minute to be mad at us since he couldn't come along (see that pouty face!?)
What he doesn't know is that I plan on making it up to him and experimenting with some yummy pumpkin flavored doggy biscuits!!

And of course the day would not be complete without the seasonal Starbuck's "tall, non-fat, decaf, 2 pump, xtra hot, Pumpkin spice latte." And I kid you not, that is how the barrista announced my drink when it was ready even though my name was written on the cup.
Cracks me up everytime.


KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN said...

Did you get whipped cream on your tank top? What is that?!?

Ok, Monica Lewinsky, what exactly happened in that cozy Starbucks restroom!?

Achilles wants to know if Wrigs would mind sharing with him and brother Milo?

Miss you guys!

Smileygirl said...

Ha! I guess it does look like a splooge mark on my shirt but it's actually 2 little heart patches I sewed on because I had a hole in the shirt! I can never throw anything away...

And you let Achilles and Milo know that they are already on the top of my doggy list for the next batch of cookies. Esp. Achilles. We all know how much he LOVES cookies!! I still have to make sure I close that pantry door EVERY day.