Thursday, October 18, 2007

a typical morning...

Tom and I have an ongoing "debate" about how I park my car in the garage. He thinks I'm too close to the side and is afraid that I'm going to snap off my side mirror when I back out. To make matters worse a few days ago there was a gigantic cricket in the garage and I put a kitchen bowl over it to keep it from hopping into the house. Well it's been 3 days and as of this morning the bowl was still there. I almost ran over the bowl one time as I was pulling in so now when I park I make sure to move over to the side so I don't run over the bowl and subsequently blast out my tire. This morning before he leaves for work he notices the car and comes back from the garage to tell me, "Pay attention when you're backing out of the garage." I tell him "No, I actually prefer to back out of the garage with my eyes closed." He doesn't like that and then says, "You have two choices. You can call me at work and tell me that you smashed up the can pay attention." I tell him, "Oh I wouldn't call you if I smashed up the car. I'd just keep on driving. Probably to Mexico." He heads back into the garage.

He comes back with the bowl in hand and says, "Your cricket friend was still alive, I let him go."

Well it's about damn time. I was wondering how long it was going to be before he moved that bowl.

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bb said...

I wish you had hidden cameras around your house for all of us to witness these moments. You guys are the modern day Lucy and Ricki.