Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fun with Food

We had some Tomato Basil Soup the other day and I noticed that one of my spoonfuls looked like a little yellow duck! Even the way the soup puddled in the middle of the spoon made it look like an orange beak and the 2 tiny flecks of basil above that, looked just like eyes. So of course I had to grab for the camera.

Has anyone ever eaten Trader Joe's fire roasted corn? They come in bags in the frozen section and every time we eat it we find faces in the corn pieces all the time. I've seen Michael Jackson, Tori Spelling, Snoopy, even Snoop Dog! The list goes on. Go get some and see for yourself. It's fun for the whole family.

Speaking of corn, I never knew a single kernel had so many components. And I especially never knew that there was a part of the kernel called the "horny endosperm". That alone makes this one of my favorite foods. And is it just me or does the part just above the "tip cap" resemble a human body part? And I'm not talking about an ear...

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