Thursday, October 11, 2007

fun times

It's been a busy week and I've not had more than a few minutes to sit at the computer and I'm rushing now as it is. Heading down to San Diego for the night to see a fashion show then dinner and fun with the hubby.

My travel partner and partner in crime is also in town this week (mostly for work) but we've managed to get away for some fun too. We went out last night in LA and I have many more pics (and video) to share when I have more time to download. But for now here is one that makes me laugh out loud. More on this story later...

Every time the two of us get together the most random, unexplainable things happen to us. We must have some type of cosmic energy when we are together because it's just not normal! I WISH she lived here but then again if she did, I would probably be blogging behind bars. Hey that sounds like a new tv series!

Gotta run but I'll be back later tomorrow with more updates.

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