Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All I wanted was a new bath mat...

I opened my big mouth and told Tom that I wanted to change the color schema in our downstairs bathroom and that sent him into a tail spin of redecorating ideas. He says, "Hold off on that for a second. I have a better idea. I'll just redo the floors!" Now I know where this is going. I beg. I plead! I say, "Please please please! Can we wait to do this until after the new year? I don't want our bathroom to be out of commission for MONTHS especially with your busy season coming up. You'll have no time for this!" He's sort of half listening, half nodding as he sizes up the bathroom. Then he heads into the garage and comes back with his jumbo powered tape measure. I knew that instant this battle was lost.

So now we have no floor, no toilet and soon no sink or vanity. His idea of redoing the floor has spawned a total demolition of the bathroom.

And if you're wondering where the toilet went, it now sits in between our two cars in the garage. And EVERY day Tom says to me, "Don't hit the toilet when you pull into the garage." Perhaps if I start to defecate in it, he may pick up the pace on this project.

Not sure why but this reminds me of a time years ago when Tom decided to redo our kitchen floors and when they were finished he decided they didn't match our existing appliances so we had to get all new ones. We shopped together and he saw this refrigerator. I said, "Tom, that fridge is HUGE. It's not going to fit." He said that's malarkey and it will fit just fine. So we bought it and when it arrived...It didn't fit.

Tom had to saw off inches of the cabinet above and smush that monstrosity in place. Good thing we moved far away. There is NO WAY that fridge is ever coming out of that house.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Good Lord!!! I've got to admire his ambition, but Girl, I can understand your angst. We have now passed the TWO YEAR mark on my damn basement project. Maybe before Lex graduates from college it'll be finished! Can you believe that one week from today, he'll be 14? It makes me want to sob....