Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A warm welcome

Please check out my friend's (who comments on here as BYFFI) new blog iteachkdg (also added to my links). She is an amazing person and I'm sure what she will have to say on a daily basis will definitely be worth checking out. But be warned, she has a tendency to use some rather raunchy language, and even invents words of her own! You wonder why we get along so well? Good Lord, if anyone ever saw the emails we've exchanged, we would both be committed.

1 comment:

BYFFI said...

Leave it to my dear, sweet friend to "out" me on her blog!! You think you could have let me get a couple posts under my belt before telling the world to check me out!! Talk about pressure! But, at the same time, leave it to my dear, sweet friend to say such nice things about me. It's my turn to blush. Love you much!!!!!