Wednesday, August 29, 2007


That title is not in reference to a verse in the Bible. It could be actually, I'm not quite sure but that is not what it stands for in this case. It's the amount of time I was on the phone (hold) with Mac support just a few minutes ago.

I'm still dealing with the never ending issue of my dead laptop battery which is a mystery because when I first inputted the serial number on the mac support page it came up as qualifying for a free replacement (due to the fact that a range of batteries produced would overheat and catch fire.) Well now for some reason when I inputted the number the last time it doesn't qualify and the geniuses both at the store and in India or wherever the bumble they reside are dumbfounded.

So today I decide to call Mac support again (I am a glutton for punishment, I know) and just place another battery order through them because now this laptop model is discontinued so you can no longer purchase the batteries at the retail locations. REALLY wish I would have known that little side fact too!!!

Anyway, deep breaths.

So I make the dreaded call and am told that my wait time would not exceed 8 minutes. I pitter around, multi tasking for a bit while the phone sits uncomfortably in the crook of my neck. I click it into speaker mode and set it on the kitchen counter while I whip up some lunch (wheat tortilla with a sprinkling of Mexican cheeses crisped in the oven and then drowned in Tabasco sauce. It's fabulous!) I check the phone and it's passed the 7 minute mark so I'm anticipating help anytime now. As I'm reaching for the sauce in the fridge I hear from the other side of the kitchen "Hello? How can I help you?" I leap for the phone which is standing upright and knock it over on it's back and watch as it slides off the counter, as another "Hello???" is uttered before it crashes to the floor. I shout "Hang on!" as I grab for the phone with such force that I hit the fricking END button!! I scream "Nooooooo!" Both animals come running to my aid probably thinking that they have done something wrong so I reassure them that they are still good boys, after a few choice words were directed at my phone.

I call back and wait 13 minutes before I am helped and am on the phone another 30 minutes (most of the time on hold). The guy was accommodating but somehow the price of the battery jumped up another $30 in less than 2 weeks so I opted not to purchase. I'll probably realize that I made a mistake and have to call them back in the next day or so. If I'm not heard from for a while just assume I keeled over from phone rage.

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