Wednesday, January 23, 2008

yep, still more COX to go around...

Ok no phone, no internet, no cable. That's where we're at right now as of noon. I'm typing this out in my email program and then will cut and paste it into my blog whenever I get re-connected.

Larry the technician is out in the front of our house digging in that same hole. Wrigs and Chum are not happy about this:

I went out to see what was going on and Larry is super nice and very competent which made me feel a little better. He is definitely not part of the COX SUCKERS Club.

Apparently the rains we've been having lately have flooded our COX BOX. Here's a picture:

Inside the box is all our wiring for cable and phone connectivity. It's one giant cluster fuck right now because water has seeped into the connection points so the entire component may need to be replaced. Larry's going to try and get the internet and cable back up but the phone seems to be a bigger issue. When he was down there digging around I said, "Be careful! Don't get electrocuted!" Larry said, "I make sure and wear rubber soled shoes, I kneel on this rubber mat, and I use rubber gripped tools so I should be ok!" I then said, "Oh that's good, you've got rubbers all around!" Yep, I'm quite the dork. But who cares. I just want my PHONE BACK UP!!! AND MY INTERNET! AND CABLE TOO!!

Go Larry! Go Larry! Fix my COX BOX! You can Do it! Go Larry!

Ok now Larry is talking on his walkie talkie. Sounds serious. Perhaps they are dispatching more COX SUCKERS for this mission!

update: It's 1:01 and I'm back online, the cable is working but the phone is fucked. Time to send in the Big Guns.

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ChiTown Girl said...

I was just watching this video, and when Wrigs started barking, Buster jumped up from where he was lying down, and started looking around. I think it confused him a bit! Dorky Dog!