Sunday, January 20, 2008

Procrastinators Anonymous

Yesterday while surfing the net I found an organization called Procrastinators Anonymous. (Today is my day to be productive - if I can kick this headache. I have such a headache that even my teeth hurt and no, I'm not hungover.) So anyway I checked out the Procrastinators website and found this message board. I certainly don't mean to make light or poke fun of their situation but just read how difficult it is to set up a 15 minute conference call. And poor "Joe K". Did you read his entries? Sounds like he really needed this call. I'm actually contemplating on whether or not to join this group. All I need is a username and password.

I'll do it later.


leishblog said...

Procrastinators: leaders of tomorrow!
I love the idea of this, I mean they have enough time to post on a message board! Is it for real? I certainly hope so!
Great Blog Laura

LeighAnn said...

You are a funny funny girl!!

Karyn said...

Let's join together! I'll be Kate and you'll be Allie.