Wednesday, January 23, 2008

COX part II

I really hope this will be my last post on the phone issue but who the hell knows. And though challenging, I'll try to keep the profanity down to a minimum. Aw fuck, who am I kidding. I'm still pissed so I'm bound to drop an f bomb here and there.

I called the COX suckers from my cell phone again and was on hold for quite a while. After minutes of pushing my way through a pain in the ass automated menu I finally got to speak with a real live COX sucker. He informed me that there is no ETA on when my service will be up. Rather than continue to call them from my cell and wait and wait and wait I decided to use their website for online help. They have 24/7 Chat room help so I logged on, gave all my personal information and then sat alone in the chat room for several minutes until Carlos the analyst entered.

I only wish I was able to copy and save the chat. Their website does not allow that and based on our exchange I can understand why. I asked Carlos if he could let me know what is going on with my phone line and he responded that Chat help is only for Internet support. So I responded with, "But what if you can't connect to the net?" He told me then I would need to call the 800 number. I said "but what if you don't have a working phone?" He then forwarded me a link to EMAIL their Customer Service department. So it's really great to know if (or more like WHEN) my internet connection goes down I can use the online chat service or just email them my issue. Fucking MORONS!

I wasn't trying to be difficult and I told him so but all I wanted was to find out some info about my phone and since I didn't want to call from my cell phone and be stuck on hold for a half hour I thought I could do so with the chat room. Apparently not. He asked me if there was anything else I needed and I typed, "Yes. The name of another phone company." He signed off with their standard COX response of "thank you for using Cox your friend in the digital age" crap like that. I sat there staring at the screen then tried to copy it so I could e-mail it to their customer service dept. but none of the menu options would highlight. I'm sure that's intentional. Next time I will take a screen shot.

So while I still have a working internet connection I sent them an e-mail and attached the 2 pics of the digger from last week:

COX Support:

COX "services" are laughable at this point. If it's not the phone it's the internet or our TV flashes "poor quality signal" on a consistent basis. We pay $200 a month for this? It's a rip off. We have never had quality service with COX and I now have come to expect that at least one of our services (phone, internet, cable) will not be working properly on any given day. I have zero confidence in COX.

I'd like to know if this latest phone issue has anything to do with some random COX employee digging in our front yard last Friday? He never said what he was doing. Apparently my house is the only one in the neighborhood with issues. I guess that's why it's been almost 18 hours of no phone service. COX doesn't seem to make customers a priority.

I don't mean to direct my angst towards whoever is reading this but I am beyond frustrated at this point. We have a home based business and the inconvenience of not having a working phone number is a burden that carries many negative implications. Not that COX cares about this.

I'd love to know when my phone will be working again so I can finally use it to call a company that actually provides quality service.

Thank you.

Here are some pics of the random man in our yard from last week...
(I attached the 2 photos)

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