Saturday, January 26, 2008

Beautiful Day

Tom and I headed to the beach today for lunch. It was GORGEOUS today, 70 degrees crystal blue sky, deep dark mountains in the background frosted with snowy tips and then behind those mountains a sea of pure white mountains that stretched for miles and miles. And to top it all off a twinkling ocean reflecting the sun's forgotten rays. The beauty of the day was breath taking.

We went to one of our favorite places for lunch and sat upstairs on the patio while enjoying the scenery and some much needed catching up time. Aside from having to evacuate the restaurant due to a kitchen fire, the afternoon was pure bliss. When our waitress came over and calmly told us that we needed to go outside because there was a problem in the kitchen, my first thought was that some crazed employee was going postal with a bread knife. Then we started to smell the smoke and heard the alarms. It was a full blown kitchen fire. We were rushed through the restaurant then down the stairs to the parking lot. The fire trucks arrived and so did a few spectators.

Since we were pretty much done with our meal, I contemplated hitting the road, but of course that would be dishonest so we waited it out. After about 20-25 minutes, we were let back in the restaurant. It smelled a little smoky but it wasn't so bad on the patio. We were comped $2.65 off our tab which we really didn't understand. Not that they should have given us more of a discount, but we just didn't get how they arrived at that amount. Our total bill (minus the $2.65) was $49 so it makes no sense. Some of the food is a bit pricey but even with the kitchen ablaze it's worth it.

I didn't have my camera so I'm hoping to take some photos of the mountains tomorrow, IF it's not raining. We're expecting more rain tonight so who knows. I found this photo online of our 'hood after a snow storm in the mountains. It's the same picture at the top of the post but I'm not sure if it's viewable on most browsers. I hope it's clear tomorrow so I can take some photos of the snow white mountains.

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