Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our latest strategy in the war on pee

Friends of ours had a cat that used to pee in various places around the house. They told us to put litter boxes in the spots where Chum pees the most and he would most likely end up peeing in the box, so here is what our house looks like now:

Living room couch:

Family room chair:

And here's Chum checking out his new bathroom:

And here I am putting him in there for a test run:

Yay! Looks like he's already got the hang of it:

(side note: I can't believe I was actually excited that my cat was about to PISS in a litter box sitting atop our shower curtain covered living room couch. It's amazing how easily we "adapt" to the abnormal.)

However, this was NOT the desired intent:

WHAT NOW?!?!?!

This house has officially become one giant SHIT BOX.


Anonymous said...

He's probably wondering why it took you so long to accommodate his special needs! I have just-enough (7) cats and a Golden that looks like he could be Wrigley's half-brother. My life is pretty full of piss and poop too! I live in the Seattle area--it's not so bad here. You might want to plan a monthly trip to the sun during Dec. to April though. Western Washington is looking forward to having you and Tom join us!

Suz said...

That does not look fun.
My youngest cat just started peeing in various places in the house. I am not as patient as you and I am threatening on letting her go out the front door.
Let me know how this works out.
I suppose Wrigs does not eat out of your litter boxes?
My dog thinks they are a buffet. gross.

Christina Shaver said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Living for the Moment said...

Anon and I could be related or something!! I have 5 cats plus 1 golden.

I am cracking up at that, but this should probably work, unless he has a bladder infection and then they want to go on something soft.

Has Wrigs been having some tasty treats?