Sunday, September 07, 2008

my favorite painting

This is Tom's first oil painting. He finished it in a weekend. It sits in our living room (the room we never use) and I want it to be a focal point in our new home because I love to look at it. There's a hidden message in this painting that he did just for me and it makes me feel close to him when I see it.


karengberger said...

How very wonderful, to have someone make a painting with a secret message in it, just for you. That is a gift of love, for sure. I'm so glad you posted it.
God bless you all (I'm including the 4-legged family members) with each breath you take.

Suz said...

How sweet of him.
I want one too!!!
It is a nice painting. That man is talented. When is the big move?
The going away party sounds nice. I remember a few of those too.
You will make even more friends in your new town.
Take care,

karengberger said...

It's me again. I'm looking at our weather and yours, and they are almost the same! Yippee! It was gorgeous here all weekend and it's supposed to be this week, too. It's our extended summer, since June is iffy. I hope you can be here for some of it, and that this news brings you some cheer. Love from me.

Anonymous said...

It's really pretty and I love the colors!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

That is very sweet, Laura.
I know how hard these past few months have been for you, and your husband is obviously aware of it too. It's very tender and sweet of him to do something like this for you.

You two will carve out a brand new (and beautiful) life in the Pacific NW!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

On a TOTALLY unrelated note... I have a funny video of Diva that I know you'd love... she's trying hot sauce (VERY hot sauce) for the first time. It's hysterical. Having a hard time getting it to post, but it should be up within the next few days.

I can promise it will make you laugh. (But you can't turn it in to the PETA folks... I'm sure they'd have me arrested....)


Keep smiling girl... things are LOOKING UP for you! I can FEEL it!