Thursday, September 04, 2008

Chumley's pee

is now a rosey brown color. Probably means another infection is present. He's pissed ALL OVER THE F*in house so I was able to suck up a vile to take to the lab for testing.

Hello rope's end. I seem to be seeing a lot of you lately.


Anonymous said...

Is he still on antibiotics? Sadie will have to be on them off and on for the rest of her life because it helps the kidneys out.

He needs a colostomy bag.

Christina Shaver said...

Oh man, I'm sorry to hear this.

karengberger said...

You poor thing; just what you need now. Poor Chums. Maybe you can cheer him up with that photo of Bev's tummy.
Sending love, hugs, and prayers for patience (and healing).

Gina said...

i feel for you, i know from ( not so fun) experience that cat pee is absolutely the WORST smell ever!

Jane said...

I'm having a very similar problem with my cat, so I TOTALLY understand the frustration you're feeling. My cat has been REFUSING to use the litter box. He's also been sick, so he's been in the hospital the past few days, and the vet called with a report and said he went IN his bedding and right NEXT to the litter box, but not in it. It's beyond me. I've read on your blog previously that Chumley had to go to a pet whisperer, or something of that sort. I think my cat's peeing problems are behavioral. Did you find success with that?

denise said...

Doesnt sound like a good sign. Better bring him to the vet soon.

Clippy Mat said...

oh chumley you and your bladder.
wot are you like?
you little pissy pants you.
but you are very cute!
don't EVER visit.