Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shhh. It's a Surprise!

Wrigley will be turning 2 years old exactly one month from now. He celebrated his 1st birthday with his real brother Casey at his house and it was so much fun. Of course I blogged about it so if you want to see pics check them out. This year I wanted to do something just as special but I wasn't sure what. Then Chumley had an idea. He suggested we throw Wrigley a surprise birthday party so that's what we're going to do! My dear friend kbl gave me some excellent ideas, especially on how to make the perfect doggy Chicken Cake. This is going to be quite a bash. I was talking to Tom on the phone about the idea and I will say, the guy has finally crossed over the threshold. Our conversation went something like this...

me: So I have an idea for Wrig's birthday.

him: Can't wait to hear this. Are we renting out Disneyland?

Not this year. (lowering my voice) We're going to throw him a surprise party.

Oh really??? I love that idea.

I thought you would but I can't really talk about it. He's in the next room.

I understand. Who's invited?

I was going to make it a "Golden" only party with Casey, Lola, Achilles and Milo but then I thought that was discriminatory plus he's got to have Chloe (his cousin, a lhasa apso) and Bentley (his best buddy a yellow lab, who pee peed on his duck toy) and of course lil' Miss Molly! (Casey's sister, a cocker-spaniel)

Wow, that's a full house!

Full backyard.

So for the next month you're going to be planning this party?

Pretty much, but remember, don't talk about it in front of Wrigley. I really want this to be a surprise.

I won't. Have you told Chumley?

Actually, believe it or not, it was his idea!

No way.

Tom, I swear. I think he's really coming around.

That's great. Alright back to reality, I gotta go.


So Chum and I are in full party planning mode. We're working on the invites, party favors and games/prizes.

We've come up with a few ideas:
-Sit/Stay Contest
-Doggy Races
-Find the Bone
-Hide and Seek
-Henna Tattoo station (for human beings)

I also thought it would be fun to incorporate a doggy style drinking game for the humans (not the dogs!) Like for instance if your dog loses a challenge, then the owner(s) have to drink! I still need to figure out the details but either way there's going to be wine and beer a'plenty!


ChiTown Girl said...

there's only one thing I like doggy style, and it has nothing to do with drinking!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Chitown! I love this conversation with Tom, it's so funny how he plays along. I am making the Bowwow Brownies as I type and they are smelling scrumptious. There's no food in the house for me, but the animals eat like kings!

Jennifer and Jason said...

How funny! I was planning a birthday party for Joe to be held at my work for an hour or so... but I haven't really given it a ton of thought. I can't wait to see the pictures! (Joe turns 1 on March 24th...)

Adam said...

A golden party sounds perfect. The most I've ever seen at a totally exclusive party was 10. In the heat of the moment, no on knew whose dog was whose when they were running around. We all went home with the right ones though.