Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Flu Bug

I'm not getting any better and have this horrible hacking cough that is depleting my body of what little energy it has left. Only good thing is I don't have to do sit-ups for a month because my stomach muscles are working overtime with every coughing fit. So I guess this is the old fashioned flu bug that's been sweeping across the nation (except Florida). It looks like I'll have to suffer through this misery for about another week, as most people have told me this tends to last a good two weeks. I'm already onto my second bottle of the good stuff but it's not helping to alleviate my obnoxious symptoms (coughing, sneezing, seeping, wheezing).

In case you or someone you know is starting to feel like crap, check out this site which helps determine whether or not it's the flu or a cold. Had I gotten an anti-viral script the day I started to feel like this I probably would have cut this thing in half. And since Tom doesn't have so much as a sniffle, I'm definitely going to get the flu shot next season. Let's hope I'm over this by then!

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Anonymous said...

My grandparents did get the flu shot and they both got it :(

Two years ago I was sick for a week with the flu and ever since then I've been getting the shot.

Wishes for a speedy recovery!