Thursday, February 28, 2008

sick of the animals

Let me just start off by saying, I love my animals, but... patience is wearing thin.

Maybe because it's now day 9 of this hell flu and my throat is raw from coughing and I'm just so ready to be over this. And these blasted animals are annoying the phlegm outta me. There are strands of dog fur in EVERYTHING! In the butter, stuck to the top of the honey tube, on all of the dishtowels and my clothing, so when I try to wipe my hands of fur on a towel they just get covered in more. I've purchased every kind of grooming tool for this dog but he still sheds constantly. And it's f*cking annoying, especially when you just want to make a bowl of oatmeal and you end up with a dish of one part oatmeal, one part shards of glistening golden fur.

And then Chumley.

Oh where the heck to even begin. Last week there was an incident involving Chumley and Wrigley while Chum was taking a dump in his litter box. Wrigley stuck his big fat head inside (he has those covered boxes) while Chum was still pinching a loaf and Chum went APE SHIT and scrambled out the box in mid pinch. It wasn't pretty. Then Wrigley got his head stuck in the box (I think his collar somehow attached to the lid) and was thrashing around trying to get it unstuck and he ended up dragging the box several feet before the whole thing split in two spreading litter clumps and warm fecal matter all over the bathroom and hallway. It was disgusting and I thought in time I'd laugh it off and post it on here but it's been a while now and I'm still not laughing.

Since this incident Chum has become the Speedy Shitter and when he unloads, he doesn't spend a second more than he has to in that box. Problem is, he's not fully finished so in the last several days I've found little globs of Chum matter scattered about the house. Some I've stepped in, some Wrigs found and gobbled, and some I've picked up thinking it was something else, which is what I did this morning WHILE I was eating my oatmeal!!! The blob was on the kitchen counter and was underneath a hanging plant that drops curly dead leaves from time to time so to me, that's what this brown blob looked like. But once I made contact, I realized it wasn't a leaf but it STILL didn't dawn on me what it was. I thought it must be some sort of food since it was on the counter so while I had a mouthful of oats/dog fur in my mouth I brought the blob to my nose to sniff and that's when I lost it. I spit out my breakfast, threw the rest of the bowl down the sink and now here I am.

I'm finally going into work tomorrow if only for a few hours. This house is making me sick.

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Mindy said...

Poor Chums. He can't even poop in peace! Church has decided to bully Yasmine on my end.