Friday, February 08, 2008

permanent reminder

********the tat*********
I missed my animals sooooooooooo much while on this trip that I had to do something about it.


I got a tattoo...

...that I sketched on a piece of paper after a glass (or two) of wine.

This tattoo signifies both of my babies...

...on my ass cheek.

Yeah, that's love.

Pic coming later (when it stops seeping fluids and de-puffs)

But because I'm sooo excited about the "tat" I'll tell you what it is:

It's a cat paw and a dog paw, touching.

The paws above sort of look like mine but they are side by side on my ass cheek and I had the tat artist add dagger claws on Chum's paw for realism. I can always add blood droplets in the future for a more realistic effect.

It hurt like a son of a bitch but it was worth every flesh mutilating second.

I can't wait to smother my beasts with squeezes and kisses the moment I see them.


ChiTown Girl said...

Am I the only one bothered by the fact that you didn't mention missing Tom at all? Wait, is he there with you? Cuz that would be the ONLY acceptable excuse for not having his face tattooed on your ass along side the paw prints!! I can NOT believe you really got a tattoo. Girl, you really are NUTS! I wouldn't have you any other way. LOOOVVVEEEE YOU!!!!

Bridget said...

Awesome...I can't believe you got a tattoo! And on your butt...ouch!! Can't wait to see did take video, right? Haha...just kidding!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a pic, I may be interested in a similar tattoo myself. Too cute of an idea!

Jennifer and Jason said...

I want to see a tattoo of Tom's hand on your ass cheek too!

Can't wait to see it!

Christina Shaver said...

So you're not counting permanent cat-tooth punctures as tats?

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN said...

Welcome back tiny friend!

I CANNOT wait to see the butt pics. What did Tom say? Can't wait to hear all about it!

Karyn said...

omg, i love it!

I miss you! I'm glad you are back! sign on to aim later tonight.


Rebecca said...

obviously, cannot. wait.for.picture.

bb said...

You need to put on some lbs girl!!

LUV the tat. If I wasn't terrified of needles and pain and the pain of needles I would get exactly that. It's so cute and definitely has special meaning.