Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar the Grouch

The Oscars are on tonight and this is how it's looking right now. It seems like the last few years have been rainy and cold for this blessed Hollywood event. Maybe next year they should consider a new location with less chance for rain like the Congo or Seattle.

Every year Tom and I compete against each other in all the categories (or until one of us falls asleep). Sometimes it gets pretty heated. We need to make our picks ahead of time because we can't pick the same film or person for a category. This is when the violence erupts. So as I'm looking over the list of nominees, I'll make some quick picks now...

  • Diving Bell and Butterfly MUST win for Best Direction. If it doesn't I will be pissed.

  • Once better win for Best Song. Again if it doesn't me = mad.

  • I think Juno will win for Best Original Screenplay but will not get best picture.

  • Best Picture is a toss up between Michael Clayton and No Country for Old Men but since I can only pick one I will go with No Country for Old Men.

  • Actress in a Lead Role: this is tough but I'm gonna go with Ellen Page. And supporting actress: Saorise Ronan. *update 4:00pm, I want to change my pick for best supporting actress to Cate Blanchett and since it's well before the Oscars start it is allowed, so Tom can't go ape shit on me!

  • Best Actor in a Lead: Daniel Day Lewis. Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem.

That's all my weak mind can muster up right now. Since I'm confined to the comforts of my easy chair all day, I'm sure I'll be back again later. Until then, I need to spit out a loogy.

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