Monday, February 11, 2008

sorry people

I have a feeling I'm going to unintentionally piss off those of you who are contending with negative temperatures and frozen earth. Let me apologize to you in advance.

And let me also say...

It's f*cking GORGEOUS here!

The past 3 days have been close to 80 degrees without a cloud in the sky and I have an extreme case of summer fever. We just returned from Hawaii where it was overcast and/or rainy pretty much every day except one. So coming home to sunshine and 80 degrees is absolute paradise, especially since it was 40 degrees and rainy for about 2 weeks prior to our trip.

And since the air smells great and the sun's shining bright I want to spend as much time possible outside so I'm going to install a clothesline in the backyard for our laundry. Not only does it save on energy use but it will also give our clothes a citrus-like scent since I'm hanging the line next to our orange/lemon hybrid tree. I'm not sure if I'm going to get all fancy with the line and hook it up with a pulley system like my Grandmother used to have, we'll just see the level of difficulty once I get out there. For starters I bought a 50 foot rope and scoured the garage for some nails and c-shaped hooks.

As a kid I used to love watching my Grandmother in Connecticut hang up our clothes on her clothesline. She had this tiny little sun porch off the kitchen where she placed the basket of wet clothes to hang. There was just enough room for the two of us and she would let me stand on a chair and help clip the clothes to the line. One time I snuck out there by myself and hung my Drowsy Doll (do you guys remember this doll?!) by her hair onto the line. When my Grandmother was washing dishes at the sink I pulled on the line so Drowsy slowed started to appear outside the kitchen window. When my Grandmother caught a glimpse of the hanging doll she screamed "OH MATCO!" (mother in Ukranian/Russian/Polish) and dropped her dishes. Nearly 30 years later, we still laugh about this. Not much has changed.


Anonymous said...

That is really funny about the doll and doing that to your poor Grandmother! Yes, we have snow and freezing rain on the radar here. Just last week I was hiding in the bathroom with all the animals because we were under a tornado warning. I hate Kentucky weather!

Mary Beth said...

We're not nearly as drastic as quakes or tornadoes, just cold, bone chilling cold, for the past few days. All in all, it's been a relatively easy winter but being as close to the water as we are, precludes us from getting too much snow, etc. Usually, we just get rain.

The think I like most about hanging the clothes outside is the fresh air smell and how crisp they feel. I have to figure out a way to hook one up at this house.

Oh, and I like the tattoo:)

Bridget:) said...

Yeah, you suck. We've had below zero temperatures and below zero windchills more than once around here and I am none too happy about that! Just the other day it was a balmy 30 below zero windchill...don't you miss Minnesota??