Sunday, February 24, 2008

this just in...

An insider at my local Starbucks told me that they may not be discontinuing their breakfast sandwiches. It's not confirmed but he did say that originally they were supposed to stop selling them around April of this year and all of their advertising for the sandwiches had to be removed from the stores. Then he said they received notice that they will be continuing the sandwiches through October of this year and they just received new signs and displays for them! So if they weren't going to sell these anymore, why would they spend the money on advertising?

This latest press release from Starbucks still states they will be discontinued but you never know. They claim that the smell of the breakfast sandwiches interferes with the aroma of the brewed coffee so if that's really the issue why the hell not move the little easy bake oven thingy into the back room, aka the KITCHEN and heat them up in there? It also mentions that they will FINALLY offer FREE wi-fi, so no more of that T-mobile $9.99-a-day crap. That's just plain greedy. As if they don't rip off their customers enough with each $4 latte they sell. I'm really not a big fan anyway due to their inflated prices for coffee that induces mind numbing headaches, but those damn breakfast sandwiches kept me coming back. And they were only $2.95 which is less than a tall vanilla latte.

I really hope my insider wasn't smoking crack when he passed along this info. I plan on writing gobs of letters to HQ's and let them know that while yes, they are primarily a coffee business, not everyone comes back for their brew but since they have pretty much taken over every other chain or independent shop out there, it doesn't leave us with much choice so don't f*cking limit your product offerings!!! Why do I have a feeling that they will continue to keep these sandwiches but will slap on a $5.95 price tag along with it? We'll just have to wait and see.

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