Saturday, June 05, 2010

tid bits

I keep forgetting that I'm not supposed to kill the ants! Do you know how hard that is? There aren't a lot of them right now, just a sparse few on the counters and in the sink but I ran the faucet so wash them down and realized crap! They're supposed to eat the poison, sorry guys :(, to take back to the queen so they must be kept alive. Oh well 3 down this morning.

Tom had a whirlwind week of travel and returned late last night and I asked him if he didn't mind going to Bette's house today for a visit and to help her around her house (not our neighbor Betty, this is Bette one of my senior students who fell and broke her femur a couple months ago.) He said "Sure." He is so kind and always giving of himself. Bette just recently got a chair lift installed in her house and told me that she wants me to take a ride in it. She is so damn cute - I adore her personality. Until her leg fully heals she can't make it to the senior center so I'll visit her weekly to continue with our creative writing assignments. While she was in rehab we did our work over the phone because it helped keep her mind active when her body could not be. She wrote a story about attending nursing school in Oregon at the age of 18 and how she would sneak off to the woods with her boyfriend where they could "be bad." I didn't ask what her definition of bad entailed, maybe it was just hand holding back in those days, but knowing Bette, I'm guessing it was a bit more involved than that. I'll get more details in person I hope!

Now I'm going to make some muffins and fruit salad to bring to Bette and I certainly hope these odorous ants stay out of my way. I wonder if they would taste like coconut too?

We awoke to a day without dark clouds and rain and I feel good. No aches, no mental fog, just an overall feeling of peace and wellness. How I have missed this! Supposed to be sunny all day before the rain returns tomorrow so I will bask in it whilst I can.

And I'll leave you with this pic of Wrigs I took the day the clouds parted, Memorial day afternoon. I just love looking at it, it makes me smile.



karen gerstenberger said...

Sounds like a wonderful day you two have planned; I'm sure you'll brighten Bette's day immensely.

That's such a great photo of your handsome Wrigley.

Love to you - I hope you get OUT in the SUN today and enjoy soaking it up! I saw that Monday is supposed to be suuny, too, but we should live in the moment, eh? =)

Anonymous said...

She sounds so great! You should tell her to install another chair and you can race!

I can't believe that photo of Wrigs. It looks photoshopped. Especially where you are. It is an incredible pic. He is so adorable!! His face is just so loving you can't help but smile!

amanda said...

Love the pic of Wrigley... There is nothing like a Golden Retriever, nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

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