Sunday, June 06, 2010

doll speak

On our 10 year anniversary Tom bought me a doll house. It was right around the time we found out about moving to Seattle so I haven't yet done much to it. When I returned this morning from my "day of thinking" retreat, he had it set up on the coffee table, with a roaring fire in the background, and he was going to install the electrical system. It was really sweet. We took the husband and wife doll and instead of talking to each other, used them to communicate and it went something like this:

Why do we live in a house with no walls?

Why are you wearing a cloth on your boobs?

I'm pretending it's summer. Why is your hair plastered to your face?

(Tom, real husband, not the doll, puffs up his hair and says, "It's from my golf cap." I say "Not you, him." and point to the doll. He says, "Oh." and goes back to his doll - he's obviously never played with dolls, but not that I'm complaining.)

Why do we only have 50 lbs of flour to eat? When was the last time you shopped for groceries?

Friday but you'd have to be here to eat it. Why is golf always on TV???

It's a tournament. Why do you have cankles??

(the real me says: "WHAT?")

(Tom says, "Not you. Her." and points to the doll.)

Likely story.

The exchange ended with wife doll picking up sack of flour and hurling it at husband doll's head.

Therapy comes in many forms.


Karyn said...

HA HA HA HA HA!!! This is the best ever. I love dolls and doll houses still. I think I'll always be a little girl in that respect.

Smileygirl said...

Oh I didn't know you love doll houses! Did I show this to you when you were here? Ok you have to come back and help me decorate the rooms. The doll house I had as a child was very similar to this and sadly it got sold for $25 with everything in it without my knowledge.
Tom knew how upset I was so that's why he got me one just like it for our anniversary 2 years ago.

jen c. said...

You are scream! I'm showing this to my husband. We need to get some dolls to act out all our aggression because this is smart.

karen gerstenberger said...

I love this. So glad that you have the doll house out now - I remember your posting about it from way back, and have wanted to see it.
I love how you and Tom used it to communicate, and how you both went in and out of character - funny! Maybe it will be good therapy. Do you have a dog and cat doll, too? Maybe Chumley can make some progress with his litter box issues in therapeutic play...

Smileygirl said...

Karen I am laughing out loud at your suggestion for a Chumley therapy session. I don't have a cat for the house (hmm subliminal or intentional??) but I think it would be funny to really re-create our life in this house and get 5 little litter boxes to put atop the couch. I'd like to not be the only family who lives this way.

Anonymous said...

I wish blogger had a "like" feature. I love this story.