Saturday, June 19, 2010

Great Hair Day = Bad Hair Day

A while back I ordered this product because I was losing my hair. Well I tried it on my receding parts and it looked AWFUL. When Tom saw it for the first time he asked me if I just cleaned the chimney so I decided to chuck it under my sink because, as you know, I never return anything.

So about a week ago I ran out of one of my eye shadows which was just a neutral brown color and I thought why not give this hair stuff a try? So I did. And lately my eye lashes have been growing like mad.

I realize now this stuff is made with propecia which is supposed to prevent hair loss and from what it looks like apparently promotes hair growth? So this probably isn't a good thing to place directly next to my eye ball so needless to say no more great hair day for me. And I've been googling side effects for propecia and can't find anything about affecting vision but I'm guessing that's because most people probably don't stick the pill in their eye before swallowing it.

But wait, you could probably use this on eyebrows and not go blind? Ok I will try that next. And for whatever reason this product smells really delicious.

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