Friday, June 04, 2010

Insect inside

We need insecticide for our insect inside. Is that where they came up with the name insecticide???

This guy was hanging out in our guest bath for a couple days. (Let's kindly ignore the slime/soap scum all over the walls. It's been a while since we've had any visitors and due to the spiderland that is our lower level, I opt to not spend too much time down there - unless of course, we have house guests.)

So now here's the big guy safely behind the plastic. The pest control guy said he is as big as they get around here and as you can see he even shriveled up a little since the above photo - that's because he was stuck in the shower and hadn't eaten for a few days. Poor guy. I asked if he might have been anyone's pet that may have wandered out of his terrarium and he didn't think so but assured me that he wouldn't kill him and would let him go outside far, far away from my home so he could find a feast of bugs in the forest. Happy ending for all.

We have also been blessed with odorous ants. They invaded our kitchen over the weekend and I thought I could take care of them with a few squirts of counter spray but that's not working out so well. The reason they're called odorous ants is that when they're crushed they exude a rotten coconut smell. Don't ever say you didn't learn anything from reading this blog.

So these guys run all over countertops, crawl out of the garbage disposal and climb the walls under the sink. Pest people put out some gel bait and warned me that the invasion is going to get a lot worse and that we are not supposed to kill them because they have to eat the poison and carry it back to the queen and kill the rest of the colony. We'll have 2 waves of colonies coming through (when they told me this I couldn't help but think of Jamestown and the early settlers and these ants dressed in george washington wigs shouting "no taxation without representation" in high squeaky voices) but within 10 days or so they should start to die off. So basically while I'm cooking meals I'll just sit there and watch the ants crawl all over our cookware and foodstuffs. DIET.

Good thing my Christmas party was last weekend. Yes, I had a Christmas party on Sunday, the day before Memorial Day. We set up lights, a tree even put the wreath back on the door and 2 little trees outside and played carols. After 10 minutes of Christmas music the guests got hostile and demanded I put on something else. We feasted on hot comfort foods, atop holiday plates and enjoyed red and green M&M's. (I just picked out the rest of the colors cuz it's not like you can buy Christmas M&M's this time of year. Maybe at some dollar stores you can but I didn't go looking that hard for them.) Anyway, doesn't look like we'll be entertaining any time soon as long as these rotten coconut stinkers are around.

Happy New Year!!


ChiTown Girl said...

I've been nervously awaiting the arrival of the ants that have invaded my kitchen the past two summers. They are awful!! I found an all-natural, safe for pets, ant killer, at Jewel of all places, last year. I actually REALLY like the way it smells. Kinda like eucalyptus. I haven't had to bust it out yet, but now that I've put it in black and white, I'm certain I've jinxed myself.
:( Well, at least they don't stink....

Gina said...

that is the biggest spider, ive ever seen ewwwwwww

Smileygirl said...

I think my mom has used that eucalyptus stuff too, she told me about it last year. Ok this spider was sooo big and gross and I can't believe I even got close enough to take the pic. When the light for the flash shined on him he actually pulsated, or more like, he popped in place. It freaked me out and JUMPED and then he pulsated again. I still can't believe how nasty he was.

karen gerstenberger said...

The spiders that gross me out the most are the ones that have eyes at the end of little antennae-things. I wish I could draw a picture here, but that guy looked as if he had that kind of shape. They are just a bit too large for fun & profit. And why the heck is he not in your kitchen, EATING those stinky ANTS? What good is he?