Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I'm creating an atmosphere of summer in my home so today I stopped at Target to get a beach smelling candle. Yep they have candles that smell like the beach so you can bring the beach to you anytime you want! So I found the candle and picked up the big one and took off the lid off to smell it and decided it was delightful but wanted to buy a smaller size. I put the big one back and picked up the smaller one (by the lid) and the lid popped right off and the jar crashed to the ground shattering the glass to bits. I felt my legs tingle a little, and then when I walked to find someone the side of my foot hurt. Of course there was no one close by so I'm limping around trying to find a red shirt to get a broom so people don't step on glass. I finally found a guy and told him what happened and he was pissed as we walked back to the candle aisle. I told him that I was going to buy the candle, I wasn't just testing it and he looked at the mess and said, "Stay here!" So I stood there waiting for him to return with a broom and as he swept I said to him, "I was going to buy that candle, I wasn't just smelling it. But the lid wasn't on all the way." No response he just continued to sweep. I reached for another candle and said, "I'll make sure to grab this one by the jar because the lid on that one wasn't on all the way. Maybe they should be taped down." Still nothing so finally I said "Ok then. I'm going to go now." And I gently put the candle in my cart and hobbled away leaving a few droplets of blood. Hope he knew I was cut.

Then as I was leaving the store I'm still kind of walking funny because I could really feel the glass in the side of my foot and my legs stung, when this punk kid ran past me and said, "You're too slow!" He was laughing so it wasn't like he was being an asshole about it so I said, "I have glass in my legs." I don't think he understood what I was saying because next he asked if I had a hybrid car so he probably thought I said something about gas, who knows.

Oh ok one thing that bugs me at Target or any grocery store for that matter: when you first walk in and grab the sanitizing wipe to clean off the handle of the cart, the cart is still pushed into all the other carts and will not become dislodged but you keep struggling because you just spent time thoroughly wiping off all the germs so you MUST HAVE THIS CART! It happens all the time. Why out of the 13 rows to choose from, always, the one you pick needs the jaws of life to get it unstuck. You seriously need to psyche yourself up to tackle the sea of carts. So then you give up on that one, grab another wipe and before it makes contact with any cart, you test for non jammed in carts and when you find one you yank it apart from the others, usually jarring your neck in the process but once freed, THEN you wipe it down. And sometimes when I'm pulling on a cart someone will offer me one but I don't like to take it if someone just used it cuz then the handle's all warm and sometimes moist and that skeeves me out. Like sitting on a warm toilet seat. Ick.

My Grandmother calls Target, "Targets."


Gina said...

i loove target, & always end up spending too much money there.

my grandma calls it targets too! she adds an S to every store name haha

Smileygirl said...

I wonder why they do that? We don't want to tell them that it's wrong cuz it's too cute when they say it.

karen gerstenberger said...

I hope you weren't seriously hurt. What a drag must have been - being treated as if you were a naughty kid!
"Targets" usually makes my heart race, because I'd love to re-decorate the house with their stuff, buy the chic-cheapo clothes, sample all of the makeup and lotions, and buy tons of their craft supplies. It's like our friend George used to say: "Like blind dogs in a meat market!"

ChiTown Girl said...

You should have filed some kind of incident report, and let someone know that you were injured. You shouldn't feel bad that THEIR faulty lid caused YOU to get hurt! What a putz, acting pissy cuz he had to clean something up. Um...HELLO! That's part of your JOB, isn't it?! There's nothing I hate more than rude employees. Then again, I don't ever shop at Target cuz ALL their employees are like that here! I really hate that place. I'll stick to my Walmart, thank you very much! My Walmart has THE best employees. I sometimes wonder if they put something in the water cooler, because they're ALL so friendly and helpful at my Walmart. LOVE THAT PLACE!

Clippy Mat said...

here in canada we have
zehrs (food)
sears (dept. you know)
zellers (dept.)
my ma in law calls 'em all
most confusing.
p.s. clerks like the one you mentioned are my pet peeve!