Sunday, February 08, 2009

random pics and such

Tom and I took Wrigs for a walk in W. Seattle. It was 42 degrees and Tom was "roughin' it" in just a wool sweater. I think he's adjusting quite well to the weather. Good for him. I could barely feel my fingers as I snapped the photo:

Here's a pic of Wrigs and his buddy Frank cuddling up the couch. They cuddled a LOT trying to stay warm in this meat locker.

And now for a pic of Wrigs and his new friend Jasper at our house for a play date. They can play nice together as long as there are no bones in sight. Otherwise it's a fang baring-growl snapping- don't make eye contact or I'll chomp your nose - frenzy.

Tom and I hit a bunch of open houses this weekend. We found a few we loved, one in particular, but we weren't so thrilled with the nosy neighbor across the street. (click to enlarge) Chum would have a real problem with this guy. He doesn't like peepers.

I'm in love with my juicer. I've had it since 1998 and started using it for the first time last week. Now, I juice everything in sight. Here's a random concoction of various fruits and veggies and whatever colorful crap I could find in my fridge.

Breakfast is served: (throw in a shot of vodka and there you have lunch)

I've been looking forever for license plate frames with paws on them. Today at Joe's we found these plates that you could personalize yourself with letters and symbols. So here is my new plate cover (Wrig's face not included)

Great. Major construction starts tomorrow. Supposed to last a year so expect incidents of road rage to quadruple in the Seattle area. It's actually pretty bad here even without construction, but nothing like S. Cal so I will cease typing this rant right now.

Tom and I watched the end of the Grammys tonight. He said, "That was smart to have Stevie Wonder sing at the end of the show. He can't see everyone getting up to leave."

Lately I've been forgetting to wear my night guard and usually I'm in bed before Tom (either knitting, reading/writing or doing crosswords) so as he's about to climb in I'll ask, "Can you hand me my teeth?" He walks over to the bathroom drawer and carries the nightguard with the tips of fingers like a dirty diaper and says, "Stick this in your gob." I'm not quite sure what we're going to do when we're 80. Seems like we're hitting all the milestones prematurely.

I'm so hungry. I didn't eat dinner. Attempted to make home made Indian food (AGAIN) but discovered the marinade needs 12 hours to marinate. Would have been nice to know before I started cooking at 7pm. I guess that's what reading is for.

I think I'll have a bowl of fruit loops now.


Live For Today said...

I love that after 11 years, you finally broke out the juicer!

ChiTown Girl said...

What a hotty sitting there with Wrigs!! Man, we've got some damn good genes in my family, don't we?

I love that you've had the juicer since '98!! Was it a wedding present?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love the new plate cover. Does that mean you let them drive too?
The juicer looks really cool... I wanted one too, but was afraid I would not use it enough myself. You two are so funny...really, you should be married. :)

endswith8741 said...

Laura & Tom, the new Lucy & Desi.

karengberger said...

Or more juice! I love my juicer too, and have been making carrot and carrot/apple for the past week. Costco has great organic carrots (no peeling necessary).
For Suz: I got my juicer for $5 at a garage sale, and sterilized it with I wouldn't feel guilty if I didnt use it much. I love it!
You two are so sweet together.

LBluca77 said...

That license plate is so cute. But I would need Wrigs face to be included.

Desert Rat said...

I'm so glad I didn't have anything in my mouth when I read the Grammy comment I would have lost it all. HA HA good point

moooooog35 said...

It was over 40 degrees here in New Hampshire this weekend. Felt like summer.

I was making snowmen in my front yard in a short sleeved shirt.

The thong was maybe a bit overboard, I'll admit.

SoyAmericano said...

Hey oh who is Frank?! Sorry, I'm new to this blog, I'm guessing he's a relative :) Love the blog, found you through Pretty in the City. Keep up the good work, I hope Seattle is growing on you!