Friday, February 13, 2009

benefits of insomnia

when my mind turns into a pile of mush, my hands go into overdrive.

I am a knitting fool. I can't stop. Sadly my hat model is about ready to pack up and head for the hills.

I'm knitting hats with flowers.

I buy the flowers at the fabric store in bunches then cut them and sew them onto felt, with a button on the back to attach to the hat.

like this...

Wrigs loves this one:

But now, he's ready for bed.

It's been a long day.

I'm also making baby gifts like this:

Sooooo easy to make but just make sure you don't cut the fleece on an unmade bed. You may or may not cut into 600 thread count sheets.

Ok now it's really time for bed.

I can't find my flipping mouth guard.


Busy Bee Suz said...

The hats are soooo cute. Hey, they may even look great on humans too!!!
You cut your sheets? bummer. I hate it when I do stupid stuff like that!!
take care,

ChiTown Girl said...

I hope you're sleeping in today. Those hats are totally cute. You never cease to amaze me with your endless talents!!

Maggie said...

Those hats are adorable!!!

TTQ said...

So so cute..My mom just gave me two cute hats she made for me. Now I'm trying to have her make a blankie for me in the same yarn she made one with hats .

She tried to teach after I read up online and things weren't turning very well..

The Engine of the Family said...

I love your hats-they are so cute! You need to open your own little store with all your handmade, cards, hats....Wrigs could me your model, he's so cute! He might question his masculinity though if he wears too many of those..haha..

karengberger said...

The hats are adorable. If you ever make too many, I know of a cancer ward that would LOVE the overflow!
I love the cutting sheets note; a good reminder.
It made me think of this true story: My mom's friend was once ironing clothes on the bed. The phone rang; she set the iron down. Talking on the phone, forgot the iron, and SAT ON THE TIP OF IT! I'm not kidding. She had a sore...well, you can guess the rest. So, if you are cutting fabric on the bed, please don't iron on it, too!

K@tie said...

As a fellow insomniac, I totally sympathize. At least you are doing something productive. I have developed an unhealthy addiction to late night TV shows that include Judge Joe Brown and Cheaters.

Smileygirl said...

K@tie: LOL at your comment! Cheaters??? That's too funny. But that show can be addicting (so I've heard)

Karen: I've been making some fleece hats that may be better than my yarn hats since they are so soft. Seeing I suck at blanket making maybe I can donate a few of those.

Anonymous said...

I'm in too much therapy. I saw those hats and immediately thought, "Oh, what a cute way for her to mix the sunshine of California (flower) with the weather in Seattle (hat)."

They are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Cute! Do you sell your hats on Etsy? Perfect place for things like this.


Anonymous said...

Wrigs looks so great in that hat!!!



Benefits? From insomnia? Well, not me. If I don't sleep when I should, I'll be in a not-so-good mood in the next morning, when I have to get up to go to work.

But if I don't have to go to work next morning, then insomnia is good. It allows me to watch more DVDs.