Friday, February 27, 2009

things heard around the house...

(just now)

"CHUMLEY! Don't you DARE pee in that laundry basket!!"

"Wrigley DROP the socks NOW!"

Life without animals would be dull.

But much more sanitary.

And no hole riddled clothing.

On my run with Wrigs today this woman stops us and asks, "Oh is that a Golden-Doodle?" I told her no he's just a golden but afterwards I couldn't stop laughing to myself. It sounds like we're talking a foreign language. Just say Golden Doodle a few times and you'll see what I mean.

Golden Doodle. Golden Doodle. Golden Doodle.

Doesn't it sound so silly?

Anyway, I love dogs and I love everyone on this earth who loves dogs too. I just do plain and simple.

And so does Wrigs.


karengberger said...

Isn't a GoldenDoodle part poodle? I don't see that in Wrigley. He is totally Golden, to me!

I love these "Momisms" that you say to your animals. So cute. Don't you wonder if they think you are funny, too?

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura, just poppin' by to get an update. I just rec'd my advance order cd of Chris Isaak's newest "Mr. Lucky." Did you get yours? Pretty good from the first listen.

And he'll probably tour more now too. Something to look forward to. Now maybe I won't have to drive 10 hours with 3 boys 7 and under to see a show!


Smileygirl said...

Solus I have to order that album! Thanks for reminding me! Have you seen his new show on Bio? The Chris Isaak hour? It premiered last night, I recorded it thank God, cuz I fell asleep. I will definitely see him on tour in S. Ca and he's supposed to come back to Seattle too so that will be TWICE! I hope he comes to your town too but if not, it's worth the drive!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

I love your Wrigley baby Laura!!! I just want to climb into my monitor and squish his adorable face and then shove handfuls of treats in his gob!!!

I am so, so, so grateful he has you and YOU have him. Same for Chumsy Wumsy....and yes, Karen, that was fo' sho' a "love bite" you received from Sir Chums. *Sigh* Poor MizUndaStood Chumz.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I don't see ANY Doodle in Wrigs. He is 100% Golden Boy. And 500% Handsome Hunk! :)

Diva has been a Wild Woman these past few days. Come by the blog for a full reporting on her wicked ways.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Things heard around my house:

"Tom, get out of that vase. Now!"

"Don't go to the window... Tom? Tom! No!"

"Why am I hearing the piano playing... when there's nobody at home?"


"What the heck you think you're doing with those nails of yours, young man?!"


"That's mine, not yours, thank y... STAY AWAY FROM MY FERNS!!!"

"Tom, why don't you just be a normal cat and go play with the mouse I bought you?"

"Are you sure you're eleven years old? Because you sure DON'T act like it."



I also love people who love animals as much as I do.



Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I also have a golden who is more of a red color. I get asked often if she is an Irish Setter?
Also, do any of you other Golden lovers have trouble with your dogs coat? My golden scratches herself so much! We have tried everything. Any suggestions?

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Anonymous with itchy, scratchy Golden - try Benadryl, 1 gram per 1 pound. Benadryl doesn't harm dogs at all, might make them a little sleepy, but harmless. See if it works. My Golden, Achilles, sometimes does that after being outide. He's about 70lbs, and I give him 75 mg of regular Benadryl, problem solved. Good luck!

Smileygirl said...

Claudia I LOVED your things heard around the house. Especially "why am I hearing the piano playing when nobody's home!?!" I swear these animals do this stuff on purpose just to make us crazy and secretly they are laughing inside.

Anon, it sounds like your dog may have an allergy, maybe to certain foods? Has she been tested for that? I know Wrig's sister has allergies to everything and can't even walk on the grass without paw coverings otherwise her pads get red and raw. She has to eat a special diet and I guess since then she's been better but in some cases it could be seasonal allergies depending on where you live. The Benadryl could help but it may be something else like a food allergy that is causing her reactions.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Too funny...yes, life would be boring without the problem, I mean fun animals!!
I don't see NO doodle in that baby of yours. :)

Steph~ said...

I see the crabby lurking on the side! :)

Smileygirl said...

I don't see any doodle in his face but he has sooo much swirly fur on his chest and back side so people often think he is some other fluffy mix. And his ass hair is spiral curled. Just like mine! Ok I'm kidding.

And yes, that crabby is always within paw range to Wrigs. Sadly it was degutted 2 days ago so all that's left is the shell.

Anonymous said...

"I swear these animals do this stuff on purpose just to make us crazy and secretly they are laughing inside."

Absolutely. They laugh inside OUT LOUD. But then, oh then!, my cat purrs like a motocycle and rolls over, showing me his white belly. You tell me: how can I resist something like that, uhmmm?

I have to tell you that I don't own a piano, sadly. It's my dream one day to buy one. Meanwhile, I have an electronic organ, which I call a piano, because it's almost the same thing... right?