Monday, March 29, 2010

My mom

I just got off the phone with my mom. She was asking me if I remembered the name of this bakery in Chicago somewhere in my old neighborhood.

my mom: "Do you remember it? It was owned by two women, they made all sorts of squishy cakes (by squishy, she means fancy) for famous people all over Chicago and the world. It was near your old condo, it was girl's name I think. Don't you remember? You lived down the street from it."

me: "I don't really remember going to a bakery nearby our condo. What about it though?"

my mom: "I'm sure you know it. They've been on the food network, I think they are sisters. They do squishy wedding cakes."

me: "Not ringing a bell. What about it?"

my mom: "Oh I think it was on Belmont. Didn't you live off Belmont? If you haven't been there I know you've heard of it. They've been in a business a long time. They bake cakes that look like museums and historical landmarks too."

me: "I can't really recall off the top of my head. But what is the point of the story about this bakery???"

my mom: "It burned."

me: "Oh, that's sad."

So I had to google this and I find out the name of the bakery was "Cakegirls" and while it was off of Belmont, it was about 25 blocks away from where I used to live. My fault for not knowing everything within a 5 mile radius of my dwelling.

Here's the story in case anyone is interested.


Clippy Mat said...

25 blocks, down the street, same thing.

Smileygirl said...

You're right Clippy. Really just a stones throw.

ChiTown Girl said...

This is just so sad. I pretty much watched the whole thing live on the news. So sad.